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The Best Diet For Old Age and Its Features

The Best Diet For Old Age

The Best Diet For Old Age, Healthy eating is essential for good health at all stages of life. However, when it comes to the elderly, healthy eating is more than a recommendation. It is an obligation. Therefore, once you reach the third age, increasing the consumption of certain foods is essential.

The Best Diet For Old Age, Aging modifications not only our exterior but also our interior. Maintaining a fit diet in old age is essential to ensure a good quality of life.

At Cuideo, we want to offer recommendations on a healthy and balanced diet that seniors should follow, recommendations that our caregivers know and want you to do too.

Food and The Best Diet For Old Age

It remains widespread for there to be a loss of appetite in the elderly.  It is due to many reasons; illnesses, aging, and loneliness.

Once the 60-year-old barrier is crossed, the absorption capacity in the intestine decreases, drug consumption increases, chewing becomes difficult, physical activity is reduced, smell and taste are lost, among other things. These factors contribute to a nutritional imbalance that could trigger a particular type of disease. For this reason, knowing how to eat is essential.

Loneliness, isolation, dysthymia, and depression in the elderly directly influence decreased appetite in the elderly.

Food is vital for the health of the elderly. It helps delay aging and obtain the necessary energy for everyday life. The question is: what should healthy food do for us?

Features Of The Best Diet For Old Age

  • [It should help maintain good health]
  • [It must provide the necessary energy and nutrients]
  • [It should help prevent chronic disease]
  • [It should include foods known to the older person]
  • [It must be beautiful and, above all, good taste]
  • [Protein should provide 10-15% of the total calories the body needs]
  • [Fat should not contribute more than 30% or 35% of these calories]
  • [Carbohydrates should provide at least the remaining 50-60%]

Healthy Food For Seniors

For a proper and balanced diet, older people should eat certain portions from each food group.

First of all, you should never forget that the elderly should drink eight glasses of fluid a day. These should preferably consist of water. However, they can also be combined with other liquids such as juices, soups, and milk.

The elderly should also consume six or more servings of the group of cereals and their derivatives, such as bread, rice, cereals, pasta, and potatoes. In grains, they should be whole because their contribution in fiber will be favorable to prevent constipation problems.

As for the group of vegetables and vegetables, minimum consumption of two servings is required. At least one must be raw. Vegetables should be cooked or prepared as a puree to facilitate chewing. In the case of fruits, the consumption should be three or more servings, and due to the harshness of some of them, it is recommended to consume them in the form of fruit salads, compotes, juices, or natural smoothies.

Milk should not remain excluded from the diet of the elderly, as it is the primary source of calcium in the body. At least three servings, including milk, yogurt, cheese, etc., should stay consumed. Of course, the most recommended versions of these products remain skimmed or semi-skimmed.

When discussing protein foods like chicken, meat, fish, legumes, or eggs, consuming two servings remain recommended.

Of course, all this is a reference, and the only one indicated to give a complete diet to a patient is a nutritionist who assesses the older person’s needs and defines his correct diet.

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