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How to Nurture a Healthy Workplace Environment

Nurture a Healthy Workplace Environment

Offices can be highly stressful when your workload and deadlines exceed what you can take in a day. If you’ve been dreading coming into work for the past few days to weeks, then you are most likely burnt out from all the work that you need to do. A cramped, filthy, and chaotic workplace environment just adds to the stress, but here’s what you can do to prevent that!

A healthy workplace does not just mean that the employees are living healthy lifestyles or that there are plant-based offerings in the company’s cafeteria. A healthy workplace environment connotes healthy practices in all aspects. From maintaining office cleanliness to starting open communication channels, here’s how to nurture a healthy work environment:

1.  Office Cleaning

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Keeping the office clean is one step towards a healthier work environment as you get rid of possible allergens, dust, and germs that could make you or your coworkers sick. As we know, the whole business operation is hindered when someone in the office is sick. Prevent this from happening with regular office cleaning.

Be sure to get in all the nooks and crannies, as the office is a high-traffic area that experiences a lot of people coming in and out of the space daily. Vacuum all the carpets, wipe down surfaces and disinfect furniture daily to keep the office neat.

2.  Proper Personal Hygiene

Just cleaning the office isn’t enough to keep the workplace healthy. Every employee must know their proper personal hygiene to maintain cleanliness. Office cleaning wouldn’t be enough if one sick employee does not adequately cover their sneezes or throw their tissues away in proper receptacles.

As an office manager, you can instill good personal hygiene within the workplace with a series of seminars all about maintaining oneself. By improving the hygiene practices around the office, you can significantly improve workplace productivity, health, and reputation as your employees arrive to work clean and pristine.

3.  Open Communication Channels

Open communication remain considered key to maintaining a healthy and safe workplace. Miscommunications can be the downfall of workplaces, which is why every office needs open communication where each employee can freely speak out regardless of their position and hierarchy. It is important to allow employees to communicate their concerns, as they may have valuable information to convey.

Employees, too, will feel much less stressed when being able to properly communicate with one another. You will find that office can function better when each coworker is able to understand and convey messages in a clear manner. You can promote open communication with messaging tools and seminars to get the office organized.

4.  Office Health Day

Here’s a fun one – an office health day! Choose a day within the week to provide employees with healthy food, exercise, and time for them to unwind from the stress of the week. Avoid scheduling big meetings, and get everyone on board with eating healthy during this time.

This way, you promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being to your office without worries over the next deadline or project meeting. You’ll be able to keep employees productive and prevent burnout as well. Plus, an office health day is a great way to enhance employee morale, as well as for community building.

5.  Stress Management

At the end of the day, stress is really what affects the majority of us as we work. Job-related stress is a huge indicator of an unhealthy workplace. And a toxic environment. Stress management is difficult to achieve when you’ve got piles and piles of work on your desk. And you’ll find few employees willing to take time off work to destress.

Get your office into a stress management program if you notice the stress levels are already getting high. Perhaps you can gain valuable feedback from your employees about the workload. Or find solutions to rising issues within the office. Either way, you can greatly improve the health of the office as a whole this way.

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