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How Important Are Food And Nutrition?

Food and nutrition are two interconnected processes but different in many ways. In this article, we’ll explain the difference between diet and nutrition and the importance of each.

What Is Food And What Is Nutrition?

Definition of food: Food is the process by which we obtain, prepare and eat food, obtaining the nutrients our bodies need and which are essential for the fullness of our human life 1.

Definition of nutrition: For its part, nutrition remains defined as a set of processes involved in obtaining, assimilating, and metabolizing nutrients by the body 1.

The change between nutrition and nutrition is that the former is a voluntary process that humans choose what foods to eat. The latter is an involuntary process by which the selected foods remain processed after eating them.

Importance Of FoodImportance Of Food

Now that we know what food means and what nutrition means, why is it important? Since food is the vehicle through which the body receives the nutrients and energy that each person needs 1, the proper selection of these foods and their consumption in the necessary proportions will ensure the success of the nutrition process.

Based On The Above, A Correct Diet Should Be:

Complete: It contains all nutrients, including the three essential food groups: grains and tubers, vegetables and fruits, and legumes and foods of animal origin 1.

Balanced: Nutrients are kept in the right proportions and are sufficient to meet nutritional needs 1.

Safe: that its regular consumption does not involve any health risks, that it remains consumed in moderation. And that it does not provide excessive amounts of any component or nutrient.

Enough: which meets the needs of all the nutrients for them to have good nutrition. A healthy weight and, in the case of children, grow and develop correctly 1.

They are varied: that from one meal to another, different foods from each group remain included.

Adequate: following the tastes and culture of those who consume it, adapting to their economic resources

Importance Of Nutrition

The main function of [nutrition] is to process and extract the necessary nutrients from the food we eat. Through this process, the body generates the required energy to maintain the body and develop its functions. It also produces the elements essential for obtaining, assimilating, and metabolizing nutrients by the body 1.

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