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2022 Christmas Greeting cards

2022 Christmas Greeting cards

Design a popup card.

The foundation of a lovely greeting card is the paper. But why not experiment with the forms to slightly stylize the support? Make a loud popup card to convey your best wishes for 2022! Popup cards never fail to leave an impression, especially on young people.

Make a card with quilling.

There is also the quilling (rolled paper) greeting card and the popup. This cutting-edge approach needs patience, but the end effect is unparalleled! Cut coloured paper into strips, then move the strips using a pin or quilling needle. By using this technique, you may create genuine pieces of art!

Create an origami greeting card.

We have origami, which is done in a quilling fashion! Consequently, no, we’re not talking about making an origami card (although why not, with DIY, nothing is impossible), but rather about making little origami forms that you can glue on your card: magic stars, unique photo christmas cards, Santa Claus, years, Snowflakes… the choices are endless! Origami paper has a tactile surface and lovely colours. It can be applied in small details to add flair to a postcard, photograph, or painting or in a large format to place in the card’s centre to make a statement.

a greeting card for scrapbooking

Newspapers and magazines burst with festive text and pictures in various gold tones! To make a scrapbooking greeting card, cut and paste or initially superimpose them! Create a unique cosmos without a magazine by cutting shapes out of paper sheets made of various materials, then mail your creation as a homemade greeting card.

To make your unique holiday cards stand out, feel free to add colour and texture by embellishing them with glitter, feathers, or dried flowers.

Make a unique greeting card.

Bet on unique customized greeting cards if you’re feeling adventurous! For instance:

Add tiny beads or rhinestones to an illustration of a Christmas or holiday. Change the beads’ size, colour, and form to make your card look nicer!

Before glueing the letters and numbers to the cardboard, crochet them first!

To offer as gifts, bake edible beach christmas cards. Use a cookie cutter or cookie stamp to write “congrats.”

Give a card for planting! An efficient technique to send an eco-friendly greeting card is to fill the card with small seeds that are ready to be planted when it arrives. The card will then bear lovely blooms in the spring.

Use the hashtag #IMAKE to post your most recent works of the year on social media! Happy Holidays from the entire IMAKE team until then.

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