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Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy: www.hollyhealthfitness.com

These data protection guidelines apply to the protection of Internet users at www.holyhealthfitness.com. The use or browsing of the Internet by a person gives them the status of the user.

  1. Type of information received

In this policy, “personal information” refers to any personal information (such as name, date of birth, address, or email address) used to identify the user.

This privacy policy protects all personal data that the user voluntarily accesses during the registration process and on other occasions on the website that is the subject of this privacy policy. www.hollyhealthfitness.com may use this “Internet Protocol” address for administrative systems or collect certain additional information that is strictly confidential.

  1. Privacy Policy

No user’s data is recorded on www.hollyhealthfitness.com unless the user voluntarily provides this information when registering on the above website or by sending an email or other news transmission to www.holyhealthfitness.com. Personal data are not processed or made available to third parties without the user’s prior consent through electronic approval to enter their data in the content and functions of the website subject to these guidelines.

  1. Purpose of the information

The personal data contained in the confidential information is used to offer the user, where appropriate, a personalized service tailored to her needs, offering selective advertising or content that may be of interest to her.

  1. What are cookies?

Cookies are used on our website. These are small files created on the user’s computer and record their data when they connect to the www.hollyhealthfitness.com website. They are changed when you leave the service and provide the following information:

  • Date and time of the last visit to our website by the user.
  • The content design or settings that the user selected on their first visit to our website.
  • Basic security measures to control access to restricted areas.

Cookies are anonymous. By accessing the information through cookies, the user can offer a personalized service since it stores their data and the frequency of use of the service and the areas of the network visited, thus reflecting their habits and preferences. The ad networks that display advertisements on our websites may also use their cookies.

The user can avoid the cookies generation by selecting the corresponding option in the configuration of their Internet browser. However, www.hollyhealthfitness.com is not responsible for its deactivation as this would affect the website’s proper functioning.

  1. Confidentiality of information

www.hollyhealthfitness.com undertakes not to reveal the user’s confidential information to third parties without the user’s consent. Despite its policy of not disclosing personally identifiable information, www.hollyhealthfitness.com may disclose such information: (1) www.holyhealthfitness.com believes that such information is necessary to identify, communicate or take legal action against any person who may damage or impair the rights or property of www.hollyhealthfitness.com (2) if it is the application and compliance with the ” General “Terms and Conditions” are required for the use of the website “; (3) based on legal provisions or an authority that requires it within the scope of its jurisdiction.

As explained above, the user understands and accepts that this privacy policy does not apply to what the user voluntarily provides when communicating with other people through electronic correspondence, chats, or other activities. Moreover, it is the user’s responsibility to carefully use the information you provide when participating in these public activities. www.hollyhealthfitness.com is not responsible for the privacy or data collection policies of third-party vendors and product providers or the use of user-provided information.

  1. Change / update / delete personal data

The personal information provided by the user is part of a file that contains her profile. Through access, the user can modify/update them at any time. www.hollyhealthfitness.com recommends that users update their data each time changes are made to provide more personalized service.

When processing personal data, www.hollyhealthfitness.com undertakes that our employees and the website mechanisms adhere to the necessary security and confidentiality standards to ensure the security, integrity, and confidentiality of the information collected from the user’s location.

At the user’s request, the user’s records and data are systematically removed from the database. www.hollyhealthfitness.com will take reasonable steps to allow users to update the personal information they have recorded. However, deleting the backed-up data and documents can prevent user data from being completely erased.

The user accepts that www.hollyhealthfitness.com will use this personal data to conduct market research and other related activities for cumulative statistical purposes.

  1. Protection of personal data

The information provided by the user is protected by various security mechanisms through which the user can access it. Since no transmission over the Internet can guarantee one hundred percent security, www.hollyhealthfitness.com cannot ensure that the information transmitted through its service is secure. The user assumes his own risk. The user is only responsible for keeping his password and account information secret, which www.hollyhealthfitness.com can assign at any time.

To reduce risks, www.hollyhealthfitness.com advises users to leave their account and close their browser window when their activity ends, especially if they share their computer with someone or use a computer in a public place, such as an internet cafe in a library.

  1. Acceptance of the terms

This confidentiality/privacy policy, which describes the privacy policy of www.hollyhealthfitness.com, constitutes a valid agreement between the user and www.hollyhealthfitness.com. If the user uses the services of www.prohealthsite.com, it means that she has read, understand, accept, and consequently agree with www.hollyhealthfitness.com the above conditions. If it is different from them, the user should not send any personally identifiable information or use this service or information in connection with the website.


If you have any questions about the collection, processing, or use of your data, information, correction, blocking, or deletion of data, or the revocation of your consent, please get in touch with the email address:  contact@hollyhealthfitness.com