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Why The Hip Thrust Is One Of The Best Exercises To Hypertrophy The Gluteus

Hip Thrust may be the best gluteal exercise that exists today, as it is concrete and directly activates the gluteus maximus, middle and minor.

Hypertrophy of the gluteus produces many headaches for both men and women. Because three muscles make up the buttock, it is challenging for them to grow in the same way.

A gluteal exercise is the hip thrust capable of exercising both the gluteus maximus, the middle, and the minor, categorizing it as one of the best exercises to work the buttocks, as long as possible, remain done consistently, correctly, and disciplined.

It Is A Particular Exercise

For the toning and the exercise of the hip thrust, squats are usually used, although these are the primary muscle, not the gluteus, the quadriceps, depending on the type of squat we perform.

On the other hand, the hip thrust is the exercise in which there is greater activation of the gluteal muscle fibers directly. In short, it is the best exercise to progress because it is straightforward to increase the load in this exercise.

Is Very Simple To Do

The hip thrust technique is simple, but it is very important to perform it correctly to maximize the gluteal activation. First of all, we will sit on the floor and look for a point of support for the back, and the best option is a bench.

With the legs bent and the tips of the feet and knees facing outwards, we will push or extend the hip. When lifting, the hips should be a little more hyperextended than usual, the legs at ninety degrees, a little open, and with the tip of the feet and the knees with an outward trend.

No Specific Material Needed

The [hip thrust] does not require very specialized equipment. In fact, with only a bench, a bar, some plates, and a resistance band to increase the work of the gluteus medius, it is enough to perform this type of exercise.

In addition, you can increase the weight and the difficulty of the exercise by putting more discs on the bar, always keeping in mind that you must prioritize technique overweight

The Muscles That stay Activated In The Hip Thrust.

When you do this exercise, you are going to work mainly on the gluteus maximus. The posterior fibers of the gluteus minimus and the gluteus medius, the abductors, the hamstrings, the quadriceps, the abdomen, and the spinal electors so that when you go up, you stay in tension so that you remain locked, and you can climb adequately.

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