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The Healthy Shopping List For A Week

Healthy Shopping List

We want to supplement all this information by offering you a healthy shopping list for food and products for a whole week. In this way, we will help avoid supermarket overcrowding while minimizing our trips away from home.

Then we offer you a wide selection of food products to meet your nutritional needs, high for an omnivorous diet so that you can select the foods that interest you most in your particular case. Additionally, the list is designed to cover the dietary needs of one person, so if there are more of you at home, multiply those amounts by the number of people as appropriate.

This wide range of plant foods is essential for maintaining optimal levels of vitamins and minerals, so it will be necessary to include sufficient amounts of fruits, vegetables, and vegetables in each dish.

Healthy Shopping List

Cereals, Nuts, And Legumes

Within the grain group, we need to prioritize whole foods or those made from whole grains. It includes bread and donuts, spikes or breadsticks commonly used as side dishes and might be more interesting because of the superior durability they offer compared to bread. Amounts vary widely based on personal preference, but we could set it around 250-300 grams per week, roughly equating to a bag of whole-grain spikes or breadsticks.

In addition, we can also get a pack of whole wheat macaroni or spaghetti for the entire week, although we will indeed have a lot of it, and we will have it for longer.

Focusing On Nuts

If we are focusing on nuts, we should have two packets of almonds, peanuts, walnuts, cashews, or a mixture of natural nuts, failing that, to consume them throughout the week.

Regarding legumes, we container choose to buy their dried or canned versions. If we opt for dry legumes, the quantities are less significant since we will keep the food longer. However, even though potted legumes offer a longer shelf life than dried legumes, we must keep in mind that once the jar is opened, we have to consume them within a short period, just about 48 hours.

The estimated quantities would be two jars of legumes: lentils, beans, or chickpeas, depending on individual preferences. With these amounts, we would shelter between three and four weekly servings of legumes in the food, for example, through classic stews or improvised legume salads.

Fruits, Vegetables, And Green Vegetables

If we are talking about quantities, try to have at least 20 pieces of various fruits per person in your weekly pantry. Whether they are bananas, apples, pears, oranges, kiwis, tomatoes, or any other fruit. Which is the object of food aspiration in your particular case. In this way, we can put away between two and three fruits daily without a problem.

Regarding fresh vegetables, it would remain interesting to have by the side at least. An amount equivalent to 20 other individual servings. To achieve between two and three daily servings of this food group. You can cut fresh vegetables such as zucchini, eggplant, broccoli, or carrots to obtain about 200 grams. And the amount indicated is approximately per serving. Freezing can also extend the shelf life of vegetables in case of excess.

Another great option is canned vegetables, like artichokes, peppers, or asparagus. In this way, we will remain able to control much extra precisely the quantities that we will buy in the supermarket for a whole week.

Olive Oil, Do Not Miss

If we are talking about fat, we cannot forget olive oil. Being better to consume the situation virgin or a different virgin version. In this case, and contingent on our cooking style. The amounts of oil can be quite variable. However, if we make an effort on a diet with few fried preparations where we use small amounts of oil. For cooking and dressing the salad, with a 500ml bottle. You can have enough oil for about a month.

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