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Are Your Elderly Parents Suffering From Addiction? Here Are The Signs

Elderly Parents Suffering From Addiction

Elderly Parents Suffering From Addiction, Whenever we hear of someone suffering from addiction, whether it is drugs or alcohol.
The first picture which flashes in front of us is that of a teen or a middle-aged man or woman really frustrated with their life.

However, what happens when your elderly parent is the one who is dealing with this addiction!

So, first things first!

They are not teens who are novices at hiding; in fact, they are your parents, and they might never let you know if there is a problem.

Thus, you have to understand the signs and then talk to them.

In this excerpt below, we will be talking about-

– The signs that an elderly person is suffering from addiction and what you should do about it.

– Reasons why they could be suffering from such addiction.

Reasons Why An Elderly Could Be Suffering From Addiction

Here are some of the reasons why an elderly could be suffering from such an addiction.

– They are missing the hustle of work after retirement, and this is making them anxious.

– They just have just lost their significant other, and the constant lonesomeness is making things more difficult for them.

– They are being isolated by every other family member.

– They probably need some dealing with the mental health issues they are already dealing with, and improper attendance to them is leading to these addictions.

If you have someone who is dealing with issues, please take the right help before it’s too late. The drug detoxification treatment in Austin can be of great help in treating elderly drug addiction.

Signs The Elderly Person In Your House Is Suffering From Addiction

Here are some of the common tell-tale signs that the person in the house is definitely suffering from addiction issues.

1. Prescription Suspicions

If there is smoke, there is definitely fire!

– Are you seeing the prescriptions being filled too quickly?

– Or are the medicines expiring too soon?

– Did you just see five pills yesterday, and now there are none?

– Are they changing dispensaries every month?

These are some of the suspicions to which you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to. These could be dangerous, and it is time to talk to them.

2. Hiding Bottles In Rooms

It is not just that they have a glass or two every day at dinner, but you are also finding stashes of bottles hidden in their room as well.

This can only mean one thing.

Having it one time is not enough, and they need a constant supply of these substances. This is equally dangerous as prescription pills.

Now, if you know where the hidden stash is, check it once in a while and then confront them.

3. Dementia & Delusional Behavior

It starts with delusional behaviors, which is them losing some of their cognitive dissonances.

Like, thinking, understanding, and memory.

Then they start losing their motor skills.

Although dementia can be common among many elderly, you must see what is causing it.

Is it an addiction?

4. Sudden Depression

Sudden depression could be a sign, and at the same time, it could also be the reason behind the addiction.

So, if the other signs match and you see this sudden depression also ensuing, understand that an addiction issue is to be blamed.

5. Isolation From Everyone

Generally, the elderly, after retirement, like to be around people.

They have ample time for their children, grandchildren, friends, and wives.

However, if you find yourself completely isolated in their rooms, it is your cue to worry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, when we think about drug addiction, a teen always flashes in front of us. So, we can understand that elderly addiction is a fairly new concept.

In order to decipher this confusion, we are answering some of the frequently asked questions over the internet.

1. What Are The Most Abused Drugs Among Elderly Parents?

Ans. These are some of the common drugs or other material or substance which is the most abused among elderly parents.

– Alcohol and this addiction is something that is pretty evident.

– Prescription drugs are also very common.

– Some who are suffering from some serious ailment can also have prescribed medicine with opioids in them. This can also lead to a very dangerous addiction.

If your elderly parent is around the vicinity of these drugs, then you should be careful and stage an intervention if you match some of the signs given above.

2. How Can Addiction Affect An Elderly Brain?

Ans. When it comes to certain addictions like alcohol and drugs, here are some of the ways in which their brains could be affected.

– They could get very hostile and start breaking laws and for example, driving a car at high speed under the influence of these drugs.

– They could start being hostile to their family members and stop accepting help.

– There have even been cases of elderly people getting delusional and even catching dementia due to constant exposure to prescription drugs.

– They might start losing their memories or some of their cognitive and even emotional senses.

Since their body is already weak and going through a lot, subjecting it to the constant toxins of drugs or alcohol could pose worse for them than any other age.

Can You Help An Elderly Person To Recover?

Yes, you can definitely help an elderly person recover from addiction. Yes, convincing them that they have a problem might pose some difficulty, so you must take help from a therapist.

Other than that, you can always enroll them in an inpatient or outpatient recovery, where they can get all the treatment they are looking for.

Look into some of the recovery programs which are offered by private recovery and detoxification centers.

They need good care, a good diet, and lots of company.

They will surely have exclusive treatment for the elderly!

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