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Everything You Need to Know About Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction is a cosmetic surgery operation to remove excess fat from the breasts. Besides offering patients breasts that complement their unique figure, this procedure offers numerous benefits, including easing neck and back pain, facilitating better posture, and improving self-confidence.

Breast reduction allows patients to expand their wardrobe choices and comfortably engage in athletic activities.

The Ideal Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery

You’re a good candidate for this procedure if you experience neck, back, or shoulder pain because of disproportionately large breasts. Furthermore, patients considering breast reduction surgery should be in good overall health. Here are other indications that this procedure might be right for you:

  • Your bra straps are digging into your shoulders
  • You have difficulty getting clothes that fit correctly
  • You encounter breast discomfort during physical activities
  • You realize that most bras don’t offer adequate support
  • Your breast size has impacted your self-esteem
  • You have rashes around the breasts

The Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure

Typically, breast reduction surgery depends on your case. You may have this procedure in an outpatient facility, or you might have to stay in the hospital. Regardless of the case, you’ll always get general anesthesia. The procedure usually takes about two to five hours, but sometimes longer.

Below are a few surgical methods that your surgeon could use:

  • It involves making small cuts in your skin and then inserting a thin tube attached to a vacuum that primarily suctions fluids and excess fat from your breast. It’s an excellent choice for small reductions.
  • Vertical or “lollipop.” It’s the best method for moderate breast reduction. The surgeon makes certain cuts to remove extra fat and tissue, reshape the breast, and lift it.
  • Inverted-T or “anchor.” Your surgeon will make deep cuts around the areola’s edge, from your areola to your breast crease and down to the crease below the breast. It’s an ideal surgery for large reductions and individuals with much sagging or unevenness.

Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

While some people need several weeks, each situation varies. Usually, you should expect to take a minimum of one week off from school or work afterward. The surgeon will advise you on follow-up appointments to take bandages and stitches away.

After the surgery, you may feel tired and experience breast pain. The surgeon will provide an oral painkiller to help you through your first few days. While you recover, you’ll also need to refrain from heavy lifting for at least a month after surgery.

Costs of Breast Reduction Surgery

According to experts, breast reduction costs can range from $7,700 to $9,700. Fortunately, insurance often covers some breast reduction surgeries. Since breast reduction is often performed to reduce physical pain and skin irritations, there’s a likelihood of getting insurance coverage.

Your surgeon may send a letter with images of your breasts and comprehensive details regarding your physical symptoms. Contact your health insurer as soon as possible, so you know what they’ll cover.

For instance, will insurance cover anesthesiologist fees or lab costs? Asking this in advance will ultimately assist in avoiding surprises after the surgery.

Breast Reduction: FAQs

How small will your breasts be after Breast Reduction?

Your consultant will talk with you about all the available options, and you’ll decide what size you’d like your breasts to become. During the operation, your practitioner will focus on making the breasts symmetrical.

What kind of Scarring should you Expect?

After breast reduction, you’ll have some scarring. These scars should fade to your original skin tone within twelve months.

The new breast’s scar line will go around the nipple’s edge in its new position and down to the crease beneath the breast. It’s sometimes possible to leave this single vertical scar. Sometimes, the surgeon may need to eradicate a lot of loose skin and breast tissue. In such a case, there’ll also be a scar line within the crease beneath the breast.

Do you Lose Weight after Surgery?

Since breast reduction surgery involves removing fat from your body, you’ll probably lose some weight afterward. However, this depends on the size of that breast.

How long will Breast Reduction Last?

Most women opt for breast reduction surgery because of having larger and heavier breasts that don’t meet their desired appearance. Patients with much larger breasts might also need a breast uplift. It will help achieve the intended result and ensure your breasts and nipples sit properly.

Can you breastfeed after Surgery?

It depends on the breast’s size and the form of the technique applied. In most cases, you might find it difficult to breastfeed adequately. It would be best if you discussed this further with the surgeon.

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