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Precision Medicine: How Effective Against Cancer?

Precision Medicine: How Effective Against Cancer?

Cancer of the pancreas accounts for around 3% of all cancers diagnosed in the United States. Although it is rarer than some types of cancer, it can also be deadlier. When someone is diagnosed with this cancer, they need targeted treatments to help them fight it effectively. With this guide,  individuals will learn more about precision cancer medicine so they can be prepared to get started right away.

What Is Precision Medicine?

Precision medicine is a targeted approach to the treatment of Pancreatic cancer. This approach relies on genetic and molecular profiling to ensure the patient receives the right care for their cancer diagnosis. The current approach to this cancer treatment targets the molecular profile of the patient’s tumor.

What Should Patients Know About Precision Medicine?

When someone is diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas, they need to learn as much as possible about precision medicine and how it can help them fight their cancer harder than with other approaches. The following offers some information cancer patients need so they can better understand what to expect when seeking precision medicine for their conditions.

Improves a Patient’s Diagnosis and Treatment

It is important to note that the same type of cancer can behave very differently in different people. Because of this, there is no one-size-fits-all type of treatment. With [precision cancer medicine], diagnosis and treatment are fully tailored to the needs of the patient.

This Treatment Is Not For Everyone

Individuals need to be aware that precision cancer medicine is not appropriate for all types of cancer. This approach is best utilized when there is a tumor with a specific gene mutation that can be targeted.

This Treatment Approach Has Been Around for Ten Years

Ten years ago, Japan began putting precision medicine into action. They began studying the effects of this treatment approach on non-small cell lung cancer. Patients who had a tumor with Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor were given a specific medicine that targeted the EGFR protein.

Precision Medicine Treatments Are Expanding

Research is allowing this form of cancer treatment to expand. By identifying a wide array of genetic mutations, researchers are now using precision medicine on a much grander scale. It is hoped this initiative will speed up the development of personalized treatment options for many advanced cancer patients.

What Are the Benefits of Precision Medicine for Cancer Patients?

Although, Cancer patients need to be aware of the benefits of [precision cancer medicine] over other more traditional forms of treatment. The following are some of the benefits cancer patients may experience.

  • Offers a more targeted and effective approach that is designed to specifically fight a patient’s specific form of cancer
  • Gives doctors the information they need to develop a firm prognosis for their patients
  • Allows doctors and other medical professionals to gauge the effectiveness of a particular cancer treatment

Learn More Today

Cancer patients who are interested in learning more about the various treatment. Approaches to fighting cancer of the pancreas need to carry out as much research as possible. With [precision cancer medicine], patients can rest assured their genetic information is used in an effective way that works towards fighting cancer’s molecular structure so it is killed at the cellular level.

Patients who undergo these treatments often find their cancer does not progress as quickly. By learning about their treatment options, cancer patients can make the right choices for their needs.

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