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What You Need to Know About Starting Retinol

What You Need to Know About Starting Retinol

Your changing skin has turned your once enjoyable morning routine into one of surprise. Before, a quick swipe of foundation brightened your complexion, but now it has you fighting creases and lines for even coverage.

Aside from new evidence of age and experience, you’ve noticed changes in skin texture and color. Thankfully, prescription-strength vitamin A, commonly known as retinol, can come to the rescue. If you’re exploring adding this skincare superhero to your routine, there’s a few things you need to know.

1. Retinol Isn’t Just for Acne

Your brain may have preserved the memory of commercial voice overs from your youth touting retinol as an acne solution. While often used to treat stubborn acne, retinol or tretinoin also has its place on the shelf for anti-aging benefits.

Prescription cream is topically applied, usually in the evening, and can be layered with other skincare items. In a few months, users can see reductions in fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. If your past usage of tanning oil is showing, you’ll also see a reduction in visible sun damage.

Sun spots, uneven color, and changes in skin after pregnancy can be tough to tackle. Plus, their appearance can be hard to dull even with industrial-grade concealers. But after a few months of retinol, you can enjoy more even color and potentially use less corrective cosmetics.

2. Dosage Can Vary Based On Your Needs

Just like any prescription, your dosage can be customized. Available in varying concentrations, you’ll have flexibility to start with a low dosage and work your way up. Generally, prescribers recommend starting low and slow, which helps your skin adjust to the application.

Most users start with a 0.025% dosage, which can gently get to work brightening your complexion and reducing lines. Establish a routine to ensure consistent application of your skin treatment, which can yield the best results. Be sure to follow up with daily SPF, as retinoids can increase sun sensitivity. Plus, protecting your skin from harmful UV rays will help reinforce the benefits you’re getting from your skincare.

As your skin adjusts, pay attention to your progress and consider discussing increasing your dosage with your prescriber. If you’d like to pursue more results, you can upgrade to 0.05% and eventually 0.1% concentrations. Follow your prescriber’s recommendation for how and when to adjust your dosage to enjoy the best results.

3. The Earlier You Start, the Better

Early prevention of just about anything in life is better than trying to combat issues with a cure. And just like managing your health factors, so too does this apply to your skin. As the body’s largest organ, your skin goes through a lot, especially since it’s easy to mistreat over a lifetime.

That’s why managing your skin conditions early can yield better results as you age. While there’s nothing wrong with aging, it’s important to be aware of your outward appearance’s alignment with how you feel. And if your external appearance isn’t currently a match, pay attention to the factors that catch your eye.

If sun spots and uneven texture don’t align with your persona, starting retinol can help. When you integrate a mindful skincare routine into your daily habits, you can age on your terms. With a face that reflects how you feel, you can focus more on enjoying life instead of worrying about wrinkles.

4. The Benefits Go Beyond Skin Condition

The mental aspect of aging is almost as impactful as the physical changes. And when your reflection doesn’t seem to align with how you feel, it can be a major confidence blow. But aging on your own terms can help your mental state as much as it can your physical one.

In addition to helping you age gracefully, improved skin can also save you time and money. More even skin coloration can reduce the steps in your makeup routine or encourage you to go barefaced. Better skin texture can improve the efficacy of other skincare products and treatments, potentially needing less to see the benefits.

Retinol can also encourage cell turnover, which will improve healing thanks to increased collagen production. With time and consistent use, your skin will be smoother, firmer, and brighter. Soon, you’ll greet your morning reflection with a smile at the radiance that comes with self care and quality products.

Upgrade Your Skincare Routine in a Snap

Few skincare products live up to the hype, but powerful retinol is an exception. With such a wide range of use, flexible dosage, and ease of use, it’s earned its place in your routine. Research retinol’s benefits and consider your skincare goals before you speak with a provider. Prepare questions to guide your conversation so you can find the right solution.

When you’re ready, book an appointment with an online provider, which can make adding retinol easy and affordable. Since cosmetic use of retinol isn’t covered under insurance, it can get pricey going the traditional route. But through reputable online providers, you can skip the office visit and get a 90-day supply delivered. Soon, your next trip to the mailbox will have your skin reflecting a brighter, more youthful you.

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