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Brief about Barberia Cerca De Mi

Barberia Cerca De Mi

Hello, Barberia Cerca De Mi means Barber shop near me, and this is the course. Barbershop online, I present to you. We are going to be working on a fade cut. We will proceed to put the Jewelry paper and then adjust our layer. He will upload it a bit to work on it at a height that is efficient for me.

He doesn’t have to bend down so much that my back doesn’t tire. I’m going to proceed with the cut for this cut. I will use a blade with three zeros and a base number, which will be number one.

Barberia Cerca De Mi


Work it in several ways, closed in the middle, and the opening first step of technique number 1 was completed to save me a little time. I start at the front and go further and further back, making a slight curve at the back to respect the area of ​​the swirl and not climb up and cut too much it is also essential to bring the brush in at all times. Our left hand is to be doing a good cleaning.

Before starting the cut, I sanitized my machine with Andy School Care to clean, sanitize and lubricate the engine. So after number one is closed, I will proceed to cut with 0 in the middle; I will start in the lower part of the forehead and follow a sequence.

I am going to go from the front to the back and then from the back to the show all this loading the machine and passing it over the head without the need to apply a lot of pressure when cutting then I am going to proceed to close the engine entirely and I am going to go a centimetre below the previous measurement.


We must analyze how much one centimetre is equivalent to how much 2 centimetres is equal to have a correct idea of ​​how much I should lower or how much I should raise with each different measurement of the machine after cutting with the number 1

closed after number zero in the middle and then 0 closed. We are going to continue with what I call the base of the cut. For this, I am going to use my first one, and I am going to cut a centimetre further down.

It will help me generate a little more cleaning in the cut’s lower part and add an extra scratch to the technique that we are working on the skin. We must always maintain it firmly and stretched. I will apply shaving gel to shave the area a centimetre below and give it a whiter tone.

Still, let’s remember that the cut I work it is as follows I work in four shades, white shades gray, black and black intense when arriving at this procedure of the amount what has been shaving of the razor.

Uses of whiter Tone

It will give me a whiter tone for this. I occupy a completely lying down inclination and am not inclined this way since it can give me a cut, or you can even drop me a line. So I’m going to shave it one more centimetre down, and when we get to this escort procedure, we already work automatically with the base of our cut. So the floor consists of two tones, white and gray techniques as at the beginning of the amount.

The first step was number one closed. Now, it will be easier since it is a line that is not marked but pre-marked to erase this line, I am going to use my medium number increase, and I’m going to work it the same lever in the middle. Remember to work gently

An important fact about my technique or work is that I don’t work with spooning. Instead, I work with a movement that we read to take off for the model’s inclination. Of course, it has to be to one side, and I will work with the blade’s curve at the rear.

By the time the edge reaches a height, considerable automatically begins to detach from the scalp, which makes me perform a fade a little cleaner and softer at a time; I’m going to proceed to close and.

We are now going to cut a centimetre lower to save me time. Remember that it is essential to start in the part of the front, go back, and then from back to acting, and vice versa.

At this point in the cut, we can see that our model suffers from some small areas in which you can see some slightly lighter spots. I always try to work with the blade 100% straight following a sequence so as not to create more defects in the fade.

If I worked with the corners, if the model already has a problem like the one I mentioned before, the problem would still be marking it a little more after passing magnification half-open to half and closed.

Height of the Cut

I polish the cut a little more with the numbers zeros. Next step, I’m going to work with a 316 magnification and repeat the same procedure. I’m going to start at the front; I’m going to go more and more towards the back.

All this was doing it to a measure of 2 centimeters. From back to forward-facing and then from front to back. Remember always to brush the area so that the hair is exposed to being cut and to have excellent cleanliness when working.

Later I will work it with a lever in the middle, and I will perform a centimetre lower at this height of the cut. They should have already checked how much one centimeter equals they can do it guided by a ruler, and they already know more or less, and they have an idea of what height I am cutting and when I mean one more centimetre below you also already have an idea.

Of what size I continue to cut during the cutting process, And again I return to polishing in this case like what we are going to do is polish the cut we are going to work with an open number one then I am going to work it halfway, and then I am going to work it closed

Method of using Machine

I will teach you something I also call playing with the machine at this point in the cut. In case I happen to pass an open lever open measure, and I see that the error is a little lower. I try to close the lever a little more to delete the error and the work looks more and more perfect. If the error continues or error is marked again.

But again, below, we will repeat the procedure and go with a smaller number. To seek perfection in the cut at the beginning of the amount. I worked with a 3-0 blade, a flat or smooth blade, or whatever you want to call it. It is because my first one equals five zeros or even

six zeros, and when working with a knife, three zeros and working with a dreamer blade 50 or 6 zeros. There is not much difference between the zeros, which suits me to help make the work even more accessible. When we reach this point, we have two options. We can make a connection with increases with guards, or we can work directly with scissors. There are even those who work with a comb and machine.


I hope this article was informative for you. We have talked about the barber shop near me and its techniques. We would like to have your feedback in the comment section.

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