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What is Platform Doc Martens?

Platform Doc Martens

The platform is included in Dr. Martens and Heaven by Marc Jacobs’ collaboration.

The Y2K-style comeback is in full swing, but don’t give up on ’90s nostalgia. The new Dr. Martens and Heaven by Marc Jacobs collaboration argues for the revival of grunge fashion.

The brands announced a collaboration on Monday with two of Dr. Martens’ signature footwear styles. The Adding DS Bex HMJ and Ricki Sandal, featuring the Heaven by Marc Jacobs’ two-headed bear logo in silver plates, platform soles, and charm-like details, as well as Dr. Martens’ iconic yellow stitching.

Platform Doc Martens

What Exactly Is a Platform?

A platform is a collection of technology that help as a foundation for developing other applications, processes, or technologies.

A platform in personal computing is the basic hardware (computer) and software (operating system) that allows software applications to run. This environment is the foundation for any application or software that is supported and developed.

Computers use central processing units (CPUs) to run machine language code. Therefore, applications must be written in the CPU’s binary-coded machine language for the computer to run them.

As a Result, Application Programs

As a result, application programs written for one platform would not work on another.

While Dr. Martens was a defining staple of 1990s fashion, Heaven by Marc Jacobs debuted in 2020, a nod to the designer’s success at Perry Ellis in elevating grunge to the pinnacle of high fashion. It rapidly gained a cult following for its chunky platforms, micro mini skirts, baby tees, and playful accessories that combine today’s edgy streetwear trends with androgynous styles that defined the ’90s fashion scene.

While the collaboration is nostalgic, the addition of the elevated soles addresses one of 2020’s biggest trends: platform shoes. Versace, Valentino, and Naked Wolfe have brought back the ankle-twisting silhouette with sky-high, brightly coloured platforms. However, for those who prefer to stay closer to home, the new Dr. Martens and Heaven by Marc Jacobs collaboration offers a comfortable way to wear the trend.

People have given it Five Stars

I wanted to write this review for people who may still be unsure about what is best for them due to sizing issues or other factors. When I bought this shoe, I was concerned about the sizing because some people said to size down, while others said to stay the same or even go up a size. My feet are much smaller and skinnier. I am a women’s size six and decided to get these in my size.

When I first got the shoes, I noticed they were my size in length, but there was extra room in the toe area for me to move around comfortably. In terms of fit, the boots were not too tight but stayed securely on my foot. At first, I believed it was because they were half a size too big for me, but I’ve realized that I prefer the feel of the boots not being too tight, as it allows you to wear them right away without breaking them in. It also allows you to wear thicker socks without causing the shoe to become too tight on your foot.

Platform Doc Martens

So If you have skinnier feet and want more tight and fitted boots, size down 12 or 1 from what you usually wear, and stick to your size if you prefer shoes that can be worn with thicker socks or have more room for comfort. Also, if you have wider feet, it is probably best to stick with your current size or go down to an extent, as tight shoes can mould your feet.

The shoes are Fantastic in Terms of Quality

These shoes are fantastic in terms of quality! I did notice that the boots appeared larger and chunkier in person than I had anticipated, but the more I wore and looked at them, the more obsessed I became with how they looked. Of course, I’ve also grown accustomed to them, so they don’t appear as large as they did when I first saw them.

I would recommend these boots to anybody. But, who needs to buy them; as a first-time doc martens buyer, I can attest that they are nicely made boots with good comfort and looks!

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