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Fitness Franchise Businesses Write For Us

Fitness Franchise Businesses Write For UsIn India, the fitness industry is becoming increasingly popular. They were speaking with an expert about the Indian Habit of Being Healthy. There are 90 million people who participate in sports, and there are approximately 24,000 gyms in the country.

Several of the businesses are run through franchising. Fitness franchises provide a diverse range of concepts. Cycling studios, weight loss programs, and yoga centers are among the most popular. The Best Fitness Franchises are rapidly expanding. And they’re excited to share their success with new franchisees. If you want to work in the fitness industry in India, choose one of the franchises from our Top 3 list below.

Here are the top 3 best fitness franchises in India


Founded in: 2000

Franchising since: 2000

Franchise units: 20-50

Initial investment: From Rs 1 Cr

Royalty Fees: 7%

CycleBar is the world’s largest network of Premium Indoor Cycling Studios. With territorial availability in the majority of major markets. As well as states in the United States and international territories. Use significant development costs to your advantage. And, without a doubt, national vendor relationships to help you launch your studio. CycleBar’s turnkey franchise model allows for complete scalability. This will enable you to define your own success.


Founded in: 2015

Franchising since: 2017

Franchise units: Less than 10

Initial investment: From Rs 1 Cr

Royalty Fees: 7%

Core Fitness Station, founded in Hyderabad, is the first of its kind holistic fitness destination, with the goal of standardising the outlook on health and fitness in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. It’s a one-stop shop with a fully equipped gymnasium, health kitchen, training studio, accessories store, and supplement store all under one roof.


Founded in: 2009

Franchising since: 2013

Franchise units: 200-500

Initial investment: From Rs 2 Cr

Royalty Fees: 7%

Owning a UFC GYM allows you to participate in the most significant fitness opportunity and the world’s fastest-growing sport. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a premium global sports brand with over 284 million fans worldwide. MMA is the fastest-growing sport, with sold-out live events and global broadcasting. There is an exceptional growth opportunity for UFC GYM franchises with the powerhouse brand UFC. Choose one of our three franchising models that best fits your budget and business goals, from boutique studios to excellent fitness facilities. We will work with you to find your best fit.

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