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www junnkitech com

www junnkitech com

www junnkitech com Everything About Technology

Armaan Zunaid is an Indian content creator. Armaan’s first youtube channel name is junnu ki tech. Apart from this, he has a Vlog channel named Armaan.

www junnkitech com Everything About Technology

Junnu ki tech Real name,

Date of birth, Age,

Qualification, profession, girlfriend, income.

Here we will talk about Junnu ki tech on these things Biography Wiki, Age, Date of birth, Girlfriend, family, Real name, Profession, income, and Networth. You also see our social media.

www junnkitech com Real Name

Junnu ki tech is an Indian tech channel owned by Armaan Zunaid Choudhary. Armaan’s nickname was Junnu, so he made Aisi his channel name.

Who is Armaan Zunaid Coudhary

Armaan Zunaid Choudhary is an Indian content creator. Armaan’s first youtube channel name is junnu ki tech. Apart from this, he has a Vlog channel named Armaan Zunaid. His blog website is called Junnukitech.com. Apart from this, Armaan also shares his videos and photos on Instagram. Armaan is a resident of Thanabhawan, Uttar Pradesh, India, born on April 13, 2002.

Junnu ki tech Real name Armaan Zunaid Choudhary

Nickname: Junnu

Date of birth: April 13, 2002

Age: 19 years

Hometown: Thanabhawan, Uttar Pradesh, India

Height: 5.5 feet

Weight: 60 Kg

Junnu ki tech Social Media

When Did Junnu Ki Tech Start

Junnu ki tech channel started on June 24, 2017, and its first video remained uploaded on June 24, 2017. And this video has remained viewed more than 30,000 times so far. Armaan makes videos related to technology on this channel. Like youtube tips, and information about the mobile, apart from these, much more information is shared. So you can see the most viewed video on this channel to date.

When did Armaan Zunaid channel start?

Armaan started this channel after his first channel became successful. This channel began on October 14, 2019; the first video remained on Youtube Event’s Vlog. There are around 50K Subscribers on this channel of Armaan. Armaan uploads Vlog videos on this channel; the most viewed videos are below.

Armaan Zunaid Choudhary Youtube Earning

if you wish to see the income of some YouTubers. So socialblade.com is a website on which you can check. Under you can see the earning of both Junnu ki tech of Armaan Zunaid Choudhary social blade of Armaan Zunaid’s youtube channel.

Armaan Zunaid Youtube Earning

As you see in SocialBlade, one month of youtube earning of Armaan Zunaid’s channel is around 10$, which is about 700 Indian rupees. And there are about 130 $ in a year and about 10000 in Indian rupees.

Armaan Zunaid (junnu ki tech) earns about 1 lakh months and about 12 lakh rupees from youtube in a year from both his youtube channels.

Junnu ki Tech Contact Number

Junnu ki tech aka Armaan zunaid has not made his contact number public. If you want to talk to Hitesh, you can email him at junnukitechofficial@gmail.com and message him on Instagram.

Junnu ki Tech Net Worth

As you have seen the photo of Socialblade’s website above, according to it, you are earning at least 12 lakhs for a year. It has been two years since Armaan Zunaid started youtube, so at least 20-30 lakh rupees have been earned from youtube. If you think it is so saving, let us tell you that the investment in creating content is also enough.


It is easy-to-use software and allows the user to create multiple layers over videos, so you can edit the video without harming the original video. Junnu Ki Tech runs its Youtube channel, Junnu ki tech, and works with brands to promote their products on their Youtube channels

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