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How Vingo App Uses Technology for Motivation

 Vingo App Uses Technology for Motivation

Vingo is a fitness app that is like no other. The app uses technology to help people become fit and better. Anyone who wants to go from fat to fit can use this amazing app and become a healthier person. In fact, the app has become an internet craze and many people are using this instead of the regular fitness apps.

How is This App Different from Others

Most fitness apps in the market now, are able to track the activity and they remind you to get back to working out. There are apps that do activity tracking, food intake tracking, water intake tracking, calorie calculators, etc. However, only a few apps in the market are able to take care of the whole spectrum of things related to fitness.

In spite of these plethora of apps, none of them take an effort to make the exercise itself engaging and fulfilling. When compared with other apps, Vingo uses a number of technological interventions to make the mere exercise more interesting.

Virtual Reality to Rescue

Virtual reality is a fledgling stream that many tech companies are entering now. In fact, the largest entrant to the technology is Facebook that is building its own Metaverse. Metaverse is helping people solve new problems in new ways.

One of the most common problems faced by people who are trying to get fit is the lack of continuous motivation. Any form of aerobics, the most important exercise for weight loss and fat loss results in quick depletion of the mental rigour. In fact, the exercises are so draining that you end up feeling alone and completely demotivated within a few days.

This is where a new and upcoming technology like virtual reality can help you stay motivated.

How the App Uses VR to Help You Stay Motivated

The Vingo app uses virtual reality to create an artificial and virtual world which you can explore and experience as in the real world. For example, imagine you running on your treadmill inside the gym or your house. The scenery is mundane and not interesting. In fact, each mile will seem like four and you will end up getting too tired too soon.

At the same time, imagine you running slowly at your favourite place like a scenic beach or an enchanting coastline near a beach or even an adventurous place filled with active volcanoes and steep mountains. The scenery completely changes the experience of running.

Now imagine running in that wonderful place along with your friends and partners. This gives a tectonic shift to ordinary exercise. That is what the Vingo app can do for you. Inside the virtual world, you can run and explore. This is done through the ingenious utilisation of the ANT+ sensors.

ANT+ sensors can easily be connected with existing treadmills, if you don’t have one. This sensor then translates your motion in the real world into the VR world. WIth the help of digital screens like that of your computer, tablets or even your mobile phone, you can fully experience this.

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