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Vaccine Campaign in New York City Increases by 40% Due to Mandates and New Incentives

The vaccination campaign in New York City has increased by 40% after Mayor Bill de Blasio offered $100 gift cards for shots. And ordered city employees to vaccinate or face weekly testing, rendering to a Post analysis of city data.

Vax4nyc.Nyc.Gov/Incentives, According to preliminary figures from the city’s Health Department. But, at least 79,931 New Yorkers established their first doses of the coronavirus vaccine throughout the most recent week, which ended Saturday.

This includes the 15,440 people who queued for their first shots in the five boroughs last Friday, the most for a single day since June 4.


Overall, it significantly increased from the 57,273 people who received shots during the first week of the year.


The dramatic increase comes after Mayor de Blasio extended his vaccine mandate to the entire city. Although, workforce and offered those getting their first shots $100 gift cards if they got their jabs at city-run vaccine sites.

However, the pace of vaccination remains far below the levels seen in the spring, when the shots first became widely available — when the weekly speed in July, which was the low point, saw more than 300,000 New Yorkers get their first shots.

According to the data, the increase has now lasted at least two weeks, dating back to July 20, when Mayor de Blasio ordered employees of the city’s public hospital system and the Health Department’s community care clinics to get their shots or face weekly tests.

Additional Dosages for People with Immune System Weakness

Vax4nyc.Nyc.Gov/Incentives, People aged five and older who are moderate to severely immunocompromised (meaning they have a weakened immune system) should receive an additional vaccine dose as part of their primary vaccine series in addition to boosters. But, They can receive a third dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or their single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, 28 days after their second dose.

Similarly, If you received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, get the same type of vaccine for your second dose. You must get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine if you received it.

Contact the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine for your additional dose.

This shot remains intended to help people who may not have had a solid response to the primary two shots due to a medical condition or treatment. People 12 and older who receive this shot should also get at least one booster when eligible.

Fair and Equitable Access

Similarly, The Health Department ensures fair and equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines. But,  We are providing the communities hit hardest by the pandemic access to the vaccine.

Individuals with Disabilities

Although, People with disabilities can receive assistance in scheduling a vaccination appointment at an accessible location. But, Travelling to their location and receiving their vaccination. Also, This type of assistance is known as a reasonable accommodation.

If you have difficulty with:

  • Seeing or hearing
  • Thinking or concentrating
  • Speaking
  • Using your arms
  • Taking care of daily chores
  • Coping with feelings of sadness or anxiety
  • Getting around or climbing stairs,

you can get reasonable accommodation.

Though not exhaustive, some common examples of reasonable accommodation include a wheelchair provided upon arrival. But, ASL or tactile interpretation. Also, quiet spaces if noisy spaces are overwhelming. As well as verbal or physical assistance in navigating the vaccination site.


The NYC Vaccination Incentive Program is no longer in operation. Thank you for finishing your immunization! $Label.Assistance for disabled people. But, People with disabilities can receive assistance in scheduling a vaccination appointment at an accessible location and traveling to work.

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