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Vape Brand + Write for Us Vape Brand + Write for Us.

We welcome everyone, from avid vapers and CBD users to industry professionals, to write guest articles for our website! We want to feature well-researched, high-quality content on our blog.
We’d love to hear your unique perspective on new developments in the vaping industry, whether you’re a skilled content writer or just a vaping hobbyist.

Why write for Holly Health Fitness?

1. Increase Exposure

It doesn’t matter if you’re a lone content writer, a vaping blogger, or the owner of a full-fledged vaping brand: guest posting on our website will increase your exposure to vapers across the globe.

2. Generate Traffic

Guest posting on our blog site will bring you tons more organic Traffic from your target audience: vapers, smokers looking to switch to vaping, and vape business owners. Putting your content in front of our audience will boost Traffic to your site.

3. Backlinks for SEO

Guest posting is the perfect way to build quality backlinks for your website, boosting your site’s authority and SEO and leading to higher rankings in Google searches.

You can email the content to  contact@Hollyhealthfitness.com

What types of articles are we looking for?

Vaping News

Regarding articles, we’re always looking for in-depth coverage of all things news-related, from health & science news to politics to vape industry developments like new products or brand information.

If it’s newsworthy and related to vaping, we’d love to hear about it!

Guides & Tutorials

Have an idea for a vaping guide or tutorial? We’re always looking for articles to help our readers navigate their vapes, from troubleshooting tips to cloud-chasing tutorials.

We’re looking for everything from essential beginner how-to articles to ultra-advanced guides, covering everything from how to refill a vape pod to how to assemble an RBA.

We’d love to hear about it if it covers a topic we haven’t posted about before.


Please note that we are currently not looking for guest review posts.

We employ reviewers to write in-depth and honest reviews of products sent to us by vaping brands and manufacturers, and we endeavor to keep these as unbiased as possible. For this reason, we won’t accept guest review articles from anyone affiliated with a vaping brand or shop.

If you’re a brand or manufacturer and want our writers to review your products on the Hollyhealthfitness blog, please refer to our Submit Products for Review page for more information. We’d be more than happy to assist.

Article Guidelines

Above all else, we’re looking for unique, high-quality content for our website. For your article to remain considered for our site, it must meet the following requirements:

Article Type

Your article must fit into either the vaping news or guides category. We are not accepting guest review articles at this time.

Word Count

Your article should be between 600 and 2,000 words, and we won’t consider articles with fewer than 600 words.


Your article should have a high-quality standard and be free of grammar, spelling, or syntax errors. We will favor pieces that have a unique perspective and tone. Your article won’t be penalized for having a single mistake, but those riddled with errors will remain rejected for publication.

Unique, Original Content

We will not consider “spun” articles or articles similar to existing posts on our blog, and we will also not accept articles posted on other blog sites. We will check this before posting.


On top of fitting into the tone and feel of our blog, your article should follow best practices for blog posting, including:

Plain English, which is easy to read & understand

Headings & subheadings

Bullet points to break down listed content, where appropriate

Short paragraphs for more effortless reading

Vape Brand + Write for Us (1)Concise sentences

Failure to follow these formatting rules will result in the rejection of your article.

Images & Videos

Please provide high-quality images or videos for your article rather than low-res images or screenshots. We will add these if you do not provide them for you at our discretion.

Please ensure that you only use images to which you have rights; we will not post pictures or videos taken from other websites unless they are authorized.

Internal Links

We’d love to see links to our other articles and blog categories in your content where possible. If you do not include these, we will insert them into your article when you submit them.


We allow a maximum of 1 backlink per article. You may insert this backlink into your content wherever you see fit. Please only include one backlink per article.

Please note that we will not allow backlinks from gambling sites, “adult” content sites, or sites promoting illegal drug use or other illicit activity.


We reserve the right to edit any articles submitted to us for publication.

We may edit your article to remove errors, improve readability, or insert images or internal links where needed.

How to Submit Your Guest Article for Publication

To pitch your guest article to Hollyhealthfitness, please email us at write for us@Hollyhealthfitness.com.

Your pitch should include the following information:

Author Name (to be displayed on our site)

Your brand/store/website name & URL (if applicable)

Article Title

Category (Vaping News/Guides)

Tags/keywords for your article

You should also attach your article to the email (in .doc or .docx format or via a Google Docs link) along with any images you’d like us to use in the text. Please attach the photos to your email in a . ZIP folder.

We’ll let you know if we approve your article ASAP—usually within a few days, excluding weekends. We’ll then update you with a link to the article when it has remained posted on our blog.

You can email the content to  contact@Hollyhealthfitness.com

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