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7 Tips to Using a Dab Rig for the First Time

7 Tips to Using a Dab Rig for the First Time

Are you wondering how to improve your hemp smoking experience? You have reached the right place. A glass dab tool along with a dab rig will do the trick.

A dab rig is a smoking device used by regular smokers. However, if not done right, your first dab will be an intimidating one. There are specific tips and tricks you must keep in mind if you are using a dab rig for the first time.

The primary thing you must learn is what a dab rig is and how the mechanism works.

What is a Dab Rig?

Dab rigs, also known as dab pipes or oil rigs, are used to inhale the smoke from concentrates.

Unlike a traditional bowl, a dab rig has a chamber on top of the long stem called a nail. Once you light the nail with a torch, you will then need to warm up the concentrate and inhale the vapor at the other end.

Instead of using a water or glass pipe to smoke herbs, dabbers, you can also consider using oils or waxes of herbs in the dab rigs. A glass dab tool is used to pick the cannabis and apply it to the heated surface on the oil rig pipe.

Every time you take a hit from a dab rig, the cannabinoids and terpenes in the dabbed substance will fully vaporize and enter your lungs. Hence, they are highly potent and full of flavor.

Beginner Tips to Use Dab Rigs

Electric vaporizers come with accessories like batteries, chargers, and cases. Hence, they have a high margin rate of sales among a loyal base of customers.

Here are a few ideas to use dab rigs efficiently.

Select the Right Dabbing Tool

A dabbing tool is an elongated object which has a sharp point at the end. You can select a glass dab tool or one made of stainless steel. It will help to fill the cannabis safely and neatly inside the rib.

It helps to protect your finger from getting burnt from the heated surface of the dab rig.

Take Smaller Dabs

As a first-time user of dab rigs, you may be unable to handle higher dabs of concentrates. Hence, it would be best to start with small amounts of dabs of oils or waxes.

Start with A Lower Temperature

When you apply cannabis on overheated dab rigs, the terpenes will lose their flavor. You will not experience the alluring smell and have an unpleasant experience in your smoking session.

Hence, it is advisable to start the dabbing process after the nail cools down. You can wear gloves to also prevent the substance from contamination and dilution.

Use a Dabbing Mat

Dabbing using oily, waxy concentrates can be a messy affair. You must place a silicone mat over the surface and then place the dabbing equipment on it.

These mats can be easily cleaned and maintained for a longer duration.

Clean the Dab Rig After Use

The nail or the banger gets heated from the torch and ignites the wax or oil that you apply. After every use, you can find a residue of the cannabis stuck to the equipment.

You can use rubbing alcohol or a special dab rig cleaner to wipe it and maintain hygiene.

Take Frequent Breaks Between Sessions

If you are new to dabbing, the heated vapors can start hurting your throat after a while. An irritated throat can give rise to many respiratory problems.

Hence, it is essential to take breaks between the smoking sessions to enjoy the hits better.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

It is imperative to drink a glass of cold water before using any herbal drug like weed, alcohol, or marijuana. The process helps to keep your brain and body stable during inhalation.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know about the basic tricks before starting a dabbing session, you can enjoy using dab rigs to smoke your favorite herb.


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