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The Spins Lyrics – Songs

The Spins Lyrics – Songs

The Spins By Mac Miller

Everyone has a particular song, or song, that brings back a specific memory. The second you hear that first beat, your mind returns to that moment. With this song and memory, you begin to remember the feeling, setting, and mood of the moment you remember it. It’s crazy how all this can come from a simple beat with lyrics.

The Spins By Mac Miller

My song is “The Spins” by Mac Miller. Every time I hear it, I go back to a simple but memorable night with my boyfriend. Mac Miller is a famous rapper known among teens and young adults of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He remains best known because he is one of the few white rappers who are not terrible. However, he is a successful music producer, rapper, and songwriter.

The Spins Lyrics – Songs

Mac Miller did a spin-off of the original song in his mixtape, K.I.D.S.  A very catchy, good-humored song, like summer nights. It’s not the typical rap song. If you were to hear the beat on its own, you would never guess that it would turn into a rap song. The whole piece has a regular drumbeat in the background around which the music remains formed. It’s the type of beat that you can’t help but nod your head back and forth.

The Spins Lyrics – Songs, It starts with just the drums and keyboard before the first verse with Mac saying some random remarks. Suddenly the whole group comes in and plays to the rhythm of the drums. If your head isn’t already nodding to the beat of the song, it’s now. The verse continues, and the music returns to the beat of Mac drums, keyboard and lyrics. Then the choristers join the rest of the group for the hook. “Oh, oh, oh Honey, I need you ’round I know, I know.”

The Spins Meaning

Spinning is a side effect of intoxication that causes dizziness and nausea, which makes one feel “out of control”, especially when lying down. It is often associated with drunkenness or mixing alcohol with other psychoactive drugs such as cannabis. This condition can cause vomiting, but having “the tendrils” is not life-threatening unless pulmonary aspiration occurs.

The Spins Lyrics | Song Meanings

The Spins Lyrics | Song Meanings Listen to me now I kneel down and pray Although my faith is weak Without you so please baby, please give us a chance

Listen to me now

I kneel down and pray

Although my faith is weak

Without you so please baby, please

give us a chance

Do you understand and I will stand up to the end

A million times, a trillion more (hey)

Oh oh, oh (hey)

Girl, I need you (I just wanna let you know I’m drunk)

I know, I know (most dope bitches, hey)

Oh, oh, oh (K.I.D.S. what’s up?)

Girl, I need you everywhere (I’m high, yeah, yeah, sir)

I know, I know (oh, I graduated)

(Oh yeah, I fair graduated from high school)


Hi buddy

Don’t be mad because your girl loves me (don’t cut a thing yet)

It’s not my fault (yeah)

I do it myself haha

If your girlfriend loves me, let her love me, can you feel me?

So baby, smile, uh-huh

Baby, don’t cry

I will only fly

With you by my side

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