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Why do They See Me Rollin Achievement Halo Infinite

They See Me Rollin Achievement Halo Infinite: Halo Infinite remains a 2021 first-person shooter game developed through 343 Industries and published by Xbox Game Studios similarly, It stays the sixth mainline entry in the Halo series and the third in the “Reclaimer Saga” after Halo 5: Guardians (2015).

The campaign follows the human super-soldier Master Chief and his fight against the enemy Banished in the ringworld Forerunner Zeta Halo, also known as Installation 07. Like previous installments in the series, the multiplayer portion of the game is free to play.

Infinite was initially planned to release as a launch title with Xbox Series X/S on November 10, 2020, but was pushed back to August 2020. Following an open beta launch of the multiplayer component on November 15, 2021, coinciding with the franchise’s launch. On the 20th anniversary, the campaign remained released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on December 8, 2021. Halo Infinite received generally favorable reviews from critics, with some considering the game to be a return to form from the Serie. Praise was directed at its visuals, open-world design, grappling shot feature, and story.

Details of They See Me Rollin Achievement Halo Infinite

Publisher: Xbox Game Studios


  • Joseph Staten
  • Paul Crocker
  • Tom French


  • Pierre Hintze
  • Greg Stone
  • Damon Conn

Designer:            Jerry Hook

Programmer:     David Berger


  • Nicolas Bouvier
  • Justin Dinges
  • Donnie Taylor


  • Dan Chosich
  • Paul Crocker
  • Jeff Easterling
  • Aaron Linde


  • Gareth Coker
  • Joel Corelitz
  • Curtis Schweitzer
  • Alex Bhore
  • Series Halo


  • Microsoft Windows
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S

Release December: 8, 2021

Genre: First-person shooter

Mode: Single-player, multiplayer

How To Download And Watch They See Me Rollin Achievement Halo Infinite

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Short Story of They See Me Rollin Achievement Halo Infinite

In 2559, the UNSC ship Infinity remains attacked and boarded by the Banished  Atriox defeats the Master Chief and drops him into space still. Six months far along, a UNSC pilot recovers the Chief adrift in space. While the Pilot wants to flee, the Master Chief insists on continuing the fight against the Banished.

The Chief and the Pilot travel to Zeta Halo, which has remained heavily damaged by an unknown calamity. Similarly, In the ring, the Master Chief locates the Weapon, an AI designed to mimic Cortana and capture her for elimination. While Arma claims that she was successful in her mission, she did not eliminate herself per her directives. The Master Chief retrieves the Weapon and experiences visions of Cortana’s memories and thoughts left behind as residual data.

Zeta Halo remains controlled by the Banished, now led by Atriox’s lieutenant Escharum after Atriox’s apparent death. Also, The Master Chief, the Weapon, and a reluctant pilot dispersed the UNSC forces on the surface of the ring in the same way. Inside the Forerunner facility known as the Conservatory, the Master Chief meets Despondent Pyre, Zeta Halo’s AI caretaker. Despondent Pyre attempts to warn the Master Chief of a threat contained within the facility but is destroyed by Harbinger, an alien awakened through the Banished. The Harbinger claims that his people, the Endless, were imprisoned by the Forerunners on Zeta Halo. however, He takes allied himself with the Banished to rebuild a facility that will allow him to free the people of him.


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