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11 Reasons To Start Practicing Yoga

Practicing Yoga

Millions of famous and anonymous ‘ yogis ‘ declare themselves “hooked” on the benefits of Yoga, an ancient discipline instinctive in India more than 4,000 thousand years ago and has become popular in such a way that there is a version for every need. From the most contemporary ones, such as Bikram yoga (which is done at 42º of temperature and is perfect for eliminating toxins) before Aeroyoga (in which you literally ‘hang’ from the ceiling and feel weightless) to the most purist ones such as Sivananda Yoga or Hatha Yoga. All remain based on connecting body, mind, and emotions using breathing and body postures.

Halfway between a sports activity and a method of meditation, the practice of Yoga captivates those who exercise it, and all regulars affirm that it has changed their lives. The best? The progression in the movements is marked by you and guided by a good teacher who measures the possibilities of each one. It is a discipline for all audiences, from 0 to 90 years old. Why not try something that can remain done anywhere and whose holistic benefits are amply supported by science? Take a deep breath and recited carefully all that Yoga can do for you. To get more information about the location you can also visit the following ste meaning in address.

1.Reduces Anxiety And Stress.1.Reduces Anxiety And Stress.

According to a study carried out by Ronald C. Kessler r, sociologist and professor at Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts, the customary practice of Yoga reduces anxiety and stress in a similar way to that of conventional medicinal therapy (that of taking anxiolytics)

2.It Increases The Quality Of Sleep And Helps You Sleep Better.

Another study conducted by the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation showed that people who performed Yoga took 10 minutes fewer on average to fall asleep and increased the number of hours they slept by an hour more per night. In addition, they expressed the sensation of being more rested in the morning.

3.Works Better.

If your job exhausts you, you do not like it, or you move into a very competitive work environment, Yoga can aid you to get out of the dilemma without changing jobs. Again, an extra Hindu study that analyzes five indicators of effort performance (satisfaction, promise, results, emotional involvement, and social relationships with colleagues) has exposed that the benefits of Yoga remained appreciated for the employee in four of the five points analyzed. Only the equal of commitment was exempt from its benefits.

4.In Children And Students, It Improves Academic Performance And Attention.

The attention to breathing and meditation included in the practice of Yoga makes it possible to achieve a more peaceful state of mind, removing nerves and stress from the pressure of studies and improving performance. Or what is similar, study less and absorb more and faster. Better a time of Yoga than a white night with coffee to pass an exam, an opposition, a job interview.

5.Strengthens Bones And Muscles.

And without laces! If carried out in a progressive and adapted way, Yoga prevents lactic acid from accumulating in the body and strengthens the bones, preventing the loss of bone mass and enhancing the flexibility of the joints. An excellent everyday antidote to osteoporosis, for example.

6.Increase Flexibility.

Although the postures seem typical of a contortionist at first, as you progress in your practice, Yoga helps to enhance muscle flexibility. Crossing your legs cutting-edge, the lotus position will be child’s play, and it will serve as a platform to rehearsal your favorite sport, mainly avoiding the risk of injury.

7.It Helps To Relieve Chronic And Postural Pain.

With a well-adapted practice, Yoga effectively alleviates most chronic pain such as neck pain, rheumatoid arthritis, knee pain, low back pain, chronic back discomfort, sciatica, or fibromyalgia. Of course, it is vital to have the excellent guidance of a yogi teacher to avoid injuries.

8.It Is A Magnificent Antiaging Therapy.

Recent studies suggest that yoga and meditation assistance protect DNA from damage caused by lifestyle or natural aging. It has remained shown that its usual practice can reverse the aging process since it directly impacts telomerase. That famous key enzyme to protect telomeres. The ends of chromosomes that remain shortened in each cell division, the lengthier they may be, the more life they promise us.

9.Burn Calories.

A promise that attracts many and that has been scientifically proven. Approximately research has agreed that the practice of Vinyasa Yoga implies an average caloric spending of 7 kcal/min. Which remains equivalent to burning around 507 calories per hour. Ideal as a complement to a weight loss diet or to keep the scale at bay.

10. It Teaches To Breathe Not Only Correctly But Consciously.

Yogic breathing. Also known as abdominal or diaphragmatic respiration. Inspiration begins in the abdomen to endure in the intercostal area. It ends in the clavicle, and in expiration, it follows the reverse path–, increases the oxygenation of the cells. In adding, breathing deeply and at a leisurely pace slows down your heart rate and relaxes your muscles. It is a perfect technique to prepare for childbirth or to address any situation in which pain appears (a touch-up of the lips with hyaluronic acid. For example).

11. It Reduces The Levels Of Cortisol And Cholesterol In The Blood.

Or what is the same? It contributes to undoing the hormonal sheds that stress organizes in the body by raising the level of cortisol. Since it combines movement and relaxation in the same practice and helps to balance the nervous system. The same happens with cholesterol. And many studies support that the diligent practice of Yoga helps control blood pressure and the accumulation of fat in the arteries. Which alleviates the possibility of suffering a cardiovascular accident (cerebral or coronary infarcts).

Do you want to know more? In Flow Soul Yoga, the website of María Langenheim, yoga instructor, and director of the Flow Soul Yoga center. His passion for this discipline has led him to write a blog in which Yoga is not dull but hooks.

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