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Who owns Nordic Oil?

Nordic Oil

Sensing potential in promoting CBD’s favourable health effects, the Danish brothers Dannie and Christian created Nordic Oil in 2018 and swiftly gained traction in numerous European nations. In 2019, the brothers took the data from therapeutic CBD creams against psoriasis, acne, and eczema and developed Nordic Cosmetics, a whole skincare brand.

Due to its unique approach to product creation and method of establishing an exceptionally loyal client base, it is currently the market leader in the CBD area of Europe, with over 250,000 customers.

How Did Nordic Oil Get Its Start?

Dannie reveals that he and his brother are both entrepreneurs at heart and have never had a job, instead constantly working on their enterprises. Some firms were more successful than others, as is typically the case with startups.

How Did Nordic Oil Get Its Start?

Still, over time, the two brothers, who relocated from Denmark to Germany ten years ago, established a strategy for developing profitable startups. Dannie was the first of the two brothers to get acquainted with CBD.

He was looking for a natural solution for repeated headaches due to a life-threatening sensitivity to most traditional medicines. After being pleasantly pleased by the good benefits of CBD. But, They are astounded by the scarcity of genuine and trustworthy European CBD providers.

What Makes Nordic Oil So Appealing?

What distinguishes Nordic Oil from other brands is not just its size and rate of expansion.But also the fact that it has done so without any external funding. Both founders feel that the explicit commitment to the company’s “why” is the key to Nordic Oil’s success.

“All of our workers know why our firm exists: to make CBD accessible and intelligible, and everything we do should fulfill our purpose,” Dannie says.

CBD has remained lauded for its effective treatment of various illnesses, including epilepsy, and the CBD business has been rising in recent years. According to statistics, the worldwide CBD market increased by 133% in 2018.

What does the future hold for Nordic Oil?

Although, Both brothers believe that the trip has just begun. Nordic Oil is already establishing itself as a “household name” in the European CBD industry. But there is still space for expansion into other markets and product categories.

Nordic Oil remain recently recognized as the first cannabis firm to remain accepted into the famous German. Accelerator remains a German government-funded accelerator program to assist talented startups in entering and succeeding in the US market. As a result, Nordic Oil could build a local presence and penetrate the US market in months.

However, the founders see vast untapped potential in the European market: “While we are powerful in central and northern Europe. We are still new to countries such as France, Italy, and Spain. Where we are also enjoying our highest growth rates,” Dannie explains.

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