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The Latest News And Updates From Facebook

News And Updates From Facebook

Despite being considered late by many, Facebook is static the social network with the most active users in the world. More than 2,800 million users enter Facebook each month to share personal experiences, participate in assemblies or see what our friends are up to.

Here I explain the latest Facebook news that you should know to keep up to date with the world’s first social network.

If some are inactive, download the latest update from Facebook on Apple iOS or Google Store.

New meeting platform with virtual reality

New meeting platform with virtual reality

Facebook has announced a new platform for virtual meetings. Horizon Workrooms arrives to compete with others such as Zoom or Google Meet, but combining virtual reality is a very different result.

It’s a mix of The Sims and Zoom, where you see avatars of the meeting members, and they move like real characters! Plus, you can use a virtual whiteboard to sketch ideas and bring computers to look like an actual meeting.

The new platform from Oculus (Facebook’s virtual reality company) allows up to 16 components in virtual reality and 50 people in the video call.

It is all part of a plan to improve the future of work in which it remains expected that more than 70% of the population will work remotely.

What content do we see on Facebook?

With the suspicion that we see more political content or that they incite us to act in one way or another, Facebook publishes what type of content we see on our timeline:

Friends and family posts (57%)

Posts of groups in which you joined (19.3%)

Posts of pages you follow (14.3%)

Suggested posts (8%)

Others (1.5%)

Threads on Facebook

Facebook again copies another known feature from another platform, in this case, the Twitter threads. This new function would allow adding posts, one after another, in the form of a line.

On Twitter, it makes sense because it only allows 280 characters, but Facebook allows much more text. So why thread on Facebook?

Facebook threads could remain used for live comments at an event like an awards show. Instead of updating the original, it could also remain used for users to post updates to their posts in a thread.

It is how a Facebook thread would look, very similar to those on Twitter:

Newsletters on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg has announced a new newsletter platform called the Bulletin. The new platform is aimed at writers and podcasters posting content and building a subscriber base.

Hide likes on Facebook.

You can now hide the likes on Instagram, and Facebook joins this trend. Will the rest of the networks follow the same path?

When you have the option active on Facebook, the app will notify you with an informative message, so don’t worry if you haven’t seen it yet. Think about what decision you will make.

There are two options:

Do not see the likes in the publications of other users.

That the rest of the users do not see the likes of your publications.

Which one would you choose? You can select one, both, or none and leave it as it is until now, where you see the number of likes and reactions.

Facebook gets into your WhatsApp messages.

WhatsApp updates its privacy policy so Facebook can store and manage your WhatsApp chats. The union of the messages between these two apps is getting closer and closer.

Add recent photos more easily.

Facebook tries a new, easier way to add recent photos to your posts. When sharing content, you want to prioritize images over text because they get better results.

Goodbye to the likes on the pages

Facebook removes the Like button on the pages and only leaves the Follow button. The new design is more like any Instagram or Twitter page, that is, more social and simplified. Less is more.

Also, when a verified Facebook Page leaves a comment elsewhere, a Follow button will appear next to your comment to make it easier to get new followers.

New image for Messenger

Facebook has launched a  new image for Messenger, with new functions and a renewed logo in colors.

The chief change is the new Messenger logo that you may have already seen on your phone or cell phone. Acquire colors of the Instagram logo along with the blue of Facebook Messenger.

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