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Naturalnews Launches Citizen Journalism Program


NaturalNews Launches Citizen Journalism Program to Invite Authors to Contribute Articles to Publication. Today, NaturalNews announced the launch of the WebSeed Citizen Journalism project in beta. Source of income.

In this new WebSeed citizen journalism program, participants (“reporters” who can be anywhere in the world) remain given topics (“beats”) such as B. Food Safety, FDA, Prenatal Nutrition, or Other Topics. Then, they use her web interface to submit articles to her NaturalNews editors, who review them for publication on NaturalNews.com and other of her websites.

These articles remain published under a Google Adsense banner owned by the reporter. (Each sender must have a Google Adsense account to participate and earn money.) All clicks and earnings from these Adsense ads are paid directly to the sender by Google (created subject to Google’s Terms of Service, to which you separately agree). It makes an ongoing source of income for citizen journalists.

Reporters can also add a published author byline at the end of each article. In addition, it is where reporters can place hyperlinks to other projects (books, websites, companies, products, etc.).

Citizen Journalist Reporter Benefits Include:

  • The NaturalNews network (comprising NaturalNews.com and hundreds of other topic-specific news sites) provides instant visibility and broad readership for talented writers/reporters.
  • Adsense placements bring near-instant income to reporters for articles they approve.
  • A web interface allows a reporter to submit article ideas to her NaturalNews editors and easily submit, delete and edit articles from any of her web browsers.

Citizen Journalist Reporter Benefits Include:

  • The Author Byline section allows reporters to post hyperlinks to their websites and other projects.
  • Google News crawls all NaturalNews articles within minutes of publication and offers valuable article promotions through the Google News page.

Prerequisites for participating in the WebSeed Citizen Journalism Project.

  1. You must be willing to write news on a specific topic (such as infant nutrition or animal health). Then, coordinating with NaturalNews editors, you can choose your favorite ‘beats’ from the available subject areas. We ask reporters to contribute at least one article per week (and more if they wish).
  2. High-quality writing and editing skills are required to be able to submit article content ready for publication. NaturalNews does not offer an intensive editorial service, so articles with too many errors will remain rejected. Therefore, the quality of writing should be very professional. It usually means that he must have experience or training as a professional news writer to participate.
  3. You must agree to our terms of non-plagiarism and financial independence (i.e., you cannot accept money from a company to write about that company, and you cannot write about a company or product in which you have a direct financial interest). not possible).
  4. Must be willing to follow headings for specific topics (“Beat”). It is a great way to find story ideas and keep yourself up to date with your area of ​​expertise. One of the best ways to do this is through Google News or another website news aggregator.

How It Works: Simple Rules of Professionalism Working

NaturalNews is easy. You don’t pay us to get started, and we don’t pay you to tell your story. Instead, Google pays directly for Adsense revenue generated by ads that appear above news articles.

It provides a small but recurring revenue stream for your article’s content and will continue to generate revenue over time as it remains published on NaturalNews.com indefinitely. Your Adsense earnings will grow over time with more articles you contribute to NaturalNews. No specific income level is guaranteed and can vary greatly depending on the subject matter you write, the quality of your writing, the behavior of your readers, etc.

We are seeking a News report. We are not looking for opinions or satirical contributions. They are looking for factual reporting of current events. Articles should be at least 400 words, with a maximum of 2000 words.

Under this program, either party may terminate this Agreement at any time. So, if you don’t like how your content remains posted and published, you can delete all your content and transfer it to others.

We ask all authors to work with essential professionalism and integrity. Plagiarism remains not tolerated. I don’t fraudulently click on my girlfriend’s Adsense ads either. Both lead to immediate termination of the program

Reporters covering large subject areas (e.g., nutrition) may merge with other reporters at the same or similar pace, and NaturalNews editors will adjust article allocations to avoid overlapping article topics.

Getting Started

If you would like to participate in the launch of the Beta version of this program,

We are seeking a small number of reporters interested in covering the following topics. , benefits, trends, and more

  • food safety (including food recalls, salmonella, mad cow disease, USDA, etc.)
  • diabetes prevention and natural remedies
  • cancer prevention and natural remedies
  • prenatal nutrition, Infant and Child Nutrition
  • Modern Healthcare, Health Insurance, and Healthcare Reform
  • FDA and FDA Reform
  • Dangerous Prescription Drugs, Drug Warnings, Drug Deaths, Advertising, etc.
  • Junk Food Marketing, Soda, marketing for children, etc. 44 44

We are open to suggestions on other topics. So if you have a specific area of ​​interest or expertise, feel free to apply and let us know what areas you would like to cover.

If you apply to be a reporter today, we will get back to you within 3-5 business days. If your application remains approved, you can submit an article idea or work on an article topic that we have assigned to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this program work?

Similarly, As a reporter/citizen journalist, I write news articles for NaturalNews. Publish articles with Google Adsense ads from your Adsense account. When a reader clicks on her Adsense ad above the paper, revenue will accrue in your Adsense account and remain paid according to Google’s terms of service. (NaturalNews does not control or influence Google’s Adsense program, earnings, or payment schedules. However, I’ve found Google to be very fair when it comes to paying on time. )

Where Exactly do Items Appear?

Articles approved by NaturalNews appear directly on NaturalNews.com as featured articles. They remain also mentioned in the daily outbound emails sent to NaturalNews subscribers. Furthermore, Google News crawls NaturalNews content, so articles appear on Google News within minutes of being published. In addition, NaturalNews enjoys tremendous search engine visibility. It means that your report will remain indexed quickly by various search engines, and within a few days, organic search results will start driving traffic to your article.

How do I submit articles to NaturalNews?

This new program uses a web interface that allows you to submit, edit or delete articles utilizing any web browser. Easily log into the author interface (via PC or Mac) to submit new articles, edit existing articles, or suggest story ideas to editors. First, you must apply to become an author and have your application accepted.

What type of article content is NaturalNews looking for?

Seeking factual news articles. We are not looking for opinion pieces or satirical articles

Although, Articles should not contain statements of opinion. However, our primary focus is to promote natural health, green living, and disease prevention through nutrition. Therefore, we also look for articles covering hazards in mainstream medicine, pharmaceuticals, the FDA, processed foods, etc.

Are there any ads placed with the articles besides my Adsense ads?

Yes, NaturalNews will run its ads to the right of the articles. It allows you to promote books, email newsletters, teleseminars, or other pieces of interest to your readers. You can also place ads under your articles. However, the principal revenue place will always be the ads above the report, which will always be his Adsense ads.

Are there any restrictions on what can stand posted to NaturalNews?

Yes, there are some restrictions. Articles may not contain affiliate links or photos or mention products or organizations of financial interest. Plagiarism remains strictly randomized and will not remain tolerated (reporters who discover plagiarized content will remain immediately removed from the system, including all previous articles). Although, Plagiarism is copying and pasting whole sentences or paragraphs from other content sources. Short quotes or quotes can be copied and pasted as long as they remain properly associated.

How do I get paid?

He was paid directly by Google for Adsense revenue generated by ad blocking that appears above your articles. Earnings vary greatly depending on the article’s topic, reader response, etc. Google pays out on his 30-60 day schedule. He usually has to wait 30-60 days from the earnings date for the funds to remain credited to his checking account.


NaturalNews launches a citizen journalism program. Writers welcome two contributing articles for publication. Since the launch of the NaturalNews Citizen Journalism program a month ago, over 75 writers have joined the program, and new writers are signing.

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