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What is Liver Cleanse Andreas Moritz

  Liver Cleanse Andreas Moritz

Most of us have it full of sediment that clogs our work without realizing it. We blame the stomach, the intestine, etc., but the silent liver is at the origin of many pathologies. It is the great forgotten of medicine, the great unknown because without showing itself in the analysis, it can be in failure, “to make life bitter”. In the liver, there is a lot of density of nerves and nerves. Many reflex zones, if blocked they can cause pain or illness.

The liver affects everything because it is in charge of making your body. You can tell your doctor is your liver. Having a liver clogged with sediment is like having a car with oil, air filter, etc. has never been verified. You stumble and consume a lot until he stops because he can’t take it anymore.

The body is equal to or worse than a vehicle because if the filter becomes clogged, blood and lymphatic circulation are blocked, deposits build up on all sides that remain not filtered, producing, for example, hemorrhoids due to congestion of blood from the portal vein, which goes to the liver and whose blood is not able to absorb, which causes it to stagnate in the form of piles and toxic accumulations for all organs and systems (fibromyalgia.

Liver Cleanse

On the other hand, its overload or congestion derived from traffic jams forces the heart to make a tremendous effort since it causes it to aspirate the vena cava coming from the liver with more force because it is blocked.

The liver behaves like a sponge, which filters, receives, and gives blood, but when it is filthy, it does not flow well, so the blood does not pass through it quickly, and hundreds of liver functions gradually deteriorate.

The method is straightforward and natural. For the cleaning offered by Andreas Moritz, the step-through step instructions must remain followed. The process lasts seven days, 6 for preparation and 1 for expulsion. On the day of the eviction, it remains recommended that it be a weekend or a day when we can be calm at home and near a bathroom.

Necessary Material:

  • Epson salts or magnesium sulfate.
  • Half a glass of virgin olive oil.
  • 3/4 of a glass of grapefruit juice (preferably pink) or ¾ of a glass of lemon and orange juice in equal parts.
  • 6 liters of apple juice, it is not essential that it is organic juice, although it remains recommended.

The previous step in performing the cleanse is a colon edit if you do not go to the toilet very well. It is advisable not to eat anything cold or food of animal origin, dairy products, or fried foods.

During the first six days, it is necessary to take between meals (2 hours after each meal), in small sips, 1 liter of apple juice, every day.

On Saturday or the day was chosen to do the housework, it shouldn’t coincide with the full moon or the two days before or after. That day we will drink a liter of juice in the morning, we will eat a light meal with rice, for example, and it is advisable to finish eating before 2:00 pm.

At 6:00 pm, we will drink one glass of water with one tablespoon of Epson salts.

At 8:00 pm, we will drink the second glass of water with one tablespoon of Epson salts.

In case everything went well between 9:00 pm and 9:45 pm, we had to evacuate the leftover food from our intestines.

At 10:00 pm, we will drink standing and next to the bed ½ glass with virgin olive oil and ¾ glass with lemon or grapefruit and orange juice mixed and well beaten. We are going to bed right away, and it is essential to relax and rest, not to make any effort. Then you have to try to sleep.

At 6:00 am, We drink the third glass of water with one tablespoon of Epson salts.

And at 8:00 am, we will drink the fourth and last glass of water with one tablespoon of Epson salts.

Liver Cleanse

During this morning, we will likely have to go to the bathroom several times. The stool that we manufacture will transport the stones from the hepatic ducts. If desired, a filter strainer can remain used to check the size, color, and quantity of rocks expelled at a later date.

The cleaning process is complete. But then, that doesn’t mean that all the stones have remained kicked out. You can have more. Andreas Moritz recommends doing several cleanings until they no longer come out. At the rate of one per month, never more often. The amount of stones gradually decreases with each cleaning until no more stones come out. The color of the rocks is very varied.

Two hours later, we can eat juice or fruit. Later we can start to lead an everyday life, considering that it is as if they have just had surgery without side effects.

According to Moritz, six or eight cleans remain enough to restore balance in our liver, and then one wash can remain done for a year as maintenance. The payoff is priceless because it is one of the most powerful ways to restore our health and prevent unexpected problems in the future.

Importance Of Cleaning The Clon

Colon cleansing ensures that fallen stones remain easily removed from the large intestine.

It should remain done on the second or third day after cleansing the liver.

If there are stones in the colon, they can cause irritation, infection, headache and stomach ache, thyroid problems, etc. These stones can develop a source of toxemia in the body.

You should consult your doctor before starting any cleansing.

Risks Associated With Epsom Salt Epsom

salt can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Drink plenty of water while ingesting Epsom salt. You can add orange juice to eliminate the unpleasant taste. Insubstantial doses can lead to dangerous magnesium poisoning. The risks to the fetus are known, and pregnant women should not ingest this salt. Consult a doctor if you are using any medications or herbal products, which can cause a dangerous interaction.

Risks of Orange Juice.

The most significant risks occur to people who take drugs that interact with it. According to Mayo Clinic nutritionist Katherine Zanatsky, it can interfere with enzymes that break down certain prescription drugs, causing an overdose. As a general precaution, you must not take any medication while cleaning the liver. The announcement of bile from the liver during cleansing can also lead to abnormal absorption of drugs.

Risks Associated With Olive Oil

There are some risks to taking a large amount of olive oil in one sitting, in addition to nausea. According to the information provided by Dr. Juergen Buche in “TheLiverDetoxDiet,” any increase in cholesterol due to the consumption of a lot of fat over a short period will immediately decrease once the bile and other products remain expelled from the liver, which can lead to long-term lowering of cholesterol levels.

General Risks

A liver cleanse is a safe procedure, and few complications other than diarrhea and bloating have remained reported. According to Dr. Peter Moran in “TheTruthAboutGallbladder and Liver ‘Flushes,” the greatest danger of performing a liver flush may arise in people who have postponed gallbladder stone removal surgery in favor of cleansing. Due to the big size of the stones, they cannot remain removed by cleaning, but the procedure is unlikely to damage the condition further. People in poor health should not have a liver cleanse, and those who are constipated should have a colon cleanse first. There is a slight risk of pancreatitis, but according to Moran, the risk is no greater than if you ate foods high in fat.

After drinking the juice and lying down, I felt small stings in my liver when I did the cleanse, also in certain times of the following days. Feeling pain or movement in the liver is proof that the activity is taking place in the liver and that it is nothing more than stones moving and growing.

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