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Is 1440p League of Legends- The Best Mouse, Keyboard and Video Settings

1440p League of Legends

1440p League of Legends: In terms of the last hit, it took me a bit of an adjustment to go to 1440p. Other than that, it’s a bonus, assuming your system is still running the game smoothly, which league is very low on resources. The resolution increases, and you can see a larger area around you.

Better resolution and Refresh rate for 1440p League of Legends

League of Legends isn’t a challenging game to run as it’s pretty old and remains built to run on a wide variety of machines, to begin with, so the vast majority of pro gamers play at 1920×1080, and that’s what we also recommend.

The Best Mouse Settings for 1440p League of Legends

The best League of Legends may not be a shooting game, but accuracy still comes in handy here. While the overall sensitivity levels used for this game are higher than what you typically see with pros in our shooters, not many pros use super-high sensitivity either. You still want to pinpoint your abilities, after all.

1440p League of Legends, On the right, you can see the average values ​​that pro players use, and coincidentally, those are also the default values. These can be good starting points if you’re new to the game, but mouse settings are among the most subjective locations out there, so we’d recommend experimenting and using something that works for you. It’s a good idea to keep the mouse camera movement speed at the same level as the actual mouse speed to stay consistent at all times. About 87% of the professionals analyzed to use the same value for their mouse and camera sensors.

If you’re brand new, we recommend trying the middle values ​​you see on the rightmost gaming mice come with a built-in 1600 DPI setting (so no need to look in your software settings, but do click here if you need to change your DPI and don’t know how) and 50/50 is what most professionals use.

The Best Keyboard settings for 1440p League of Legends

Another entirely subjective thing is what kind of hotkeys you like to use. As a general rule of thumb, though, you’ll want to have all your hotkeys within easy reach – there’s no point assigning one of your summoners spells to a button on the Numpad unless you have a particular playstyle. You may want to consider moving some of the 6 and 7 items away and onto another controller, as they can be a bit far and hard to reach at hectic times, and that again can waste precious time. In a game like LoL, every fraction of a second count.

The Best Sound settings for 1440p League of Legends

Sound isn’t a big deal in League of Legends, so you won’t get much of a competitive edge from hours of tweaking sound settings. Still, suppose you’re looking for a competitive solution. In that case, you might want to consider turning down ‘useless’ sounds like the volume of the music and the book of the environment and increasing the importance of the pings and the announcer.

Most gamers choose what they prefer here, and there is no objective best solution, so feel free to experiment with the sound settings or even leave it on its default if you like how this one remains set up.

The Best Video settings meant for League of Legends

As we mentioned above, League of Legends isn’t a challenging game to run, so if you have frames to spare, you can always crank those graphical settings up. However, for a stutter-free experience, it’s always best to minimize distractions and “useless” visuals (for competitive gamers) and prioritize smooth gameplay with no dropped frames. 1440p League of Legends

If you’re having issues with frame drops or performance, it might be a good idea to enable low spec mode (in the LoL client, not the main game, under ‘settings – general’). It will reduce the number of resources your client uses and increase performance. Disabling screen movement can also be a good idea, as it doesn’t do anything to help you play the game. However, it doesn’t do anything to performance either, so you can leave it on if you like the effect.

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