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Importance Of Adequate Rest For Health

Importance Of Adequate Rest For Health

Getting enough sleep is linked to preventing overweight and cardiovascular protection, among other things. Lying down and getting up at the same time always promote sufficient rest.

We spend almost a third of our life sleeping, and this time is essential for our bodies. The dream that we have physically and mentally replenished after day restores our energy and prevents various diseases.

 Sleep: How Much, How, Where?

The hours we have to devote to this break vary according to age. According to the recommendations of the National Sleep Foundation of the United States, adults should sleep between seven and nine hours a day.

In addition to choosing a comfortable mattress, pillow, and pajamas for rest, it is recommended for rest to follow a sleep schedule and, if possible, keep it on weekends as well. Routines such as getting daily physical exercise, not overdoing stimulating drinks, having an early dinner, and having a room with adequate light, noise, and temperature will be beneficial for falling asleep.

However, other routines do not promote rest, such as using the computer, mobile, or tablet before sleeping, which more and more people are accustomed to. The light emitted by these devices alters the sleep cycle by interacting with melatonin, a hormone that helps with rest. To avoid this, experts recommend turning off these devices two hours before sleeping.

Lack Of Sleep Causes More Than Fatigue

Lack Of Sleep Causes More Than Fatigue

If the hours of sleep are reduced, in addition to the feeling of fatigue and the appearance of dark circles, the predisposition to specific pathologies is favored.

And not only does how many hours we sleep matter but also when we get it. People who work at night are more likely to feel tired because sleep during the day does not have the same therapeutic capacity as at night. They are also more prone to digestive disorders by altering their biological rhythm (circadian rhythm).

The Health Benefits Of Sleep

Sleep is essential for the mind. Sleep deprivation makes learning and tasks difficult. And, among the advantages of proper rest, better memory function stands out. Among other things, sleeping helps us assimilate the information gathered throughout the day.

Our body will also notice the benefits of a good rest. During the hours of sleep, processes occur in our body in which the proper functioning of various systems, such as the immune system, remains promoted.

Adequate rest also promotes weight control and protects the heart, as stress-related hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) increase in the blood during insomnia, which increases blood pressure and heart rate.

When we sleep, our body relaxes and produces hormones that counteract the effects of these others and help, among other things, to make us happier.

By relaxing our body and decreasing its activity, the circulatory system works less because the blood pressure remains lower, and it takes less effort to pump blood.

Knowing the importance of adequate rest, we should always try to devote the necessary hours to sleep following the recommendations of experts to maximize the benefits it brings.

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