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Different Types Of Diet,Vegetarian,Mediterranean Diet


The term [diet] refers to the eating habit of a person. There are various diets; some of them refer to a certain lifestyle, such as the Mediterranean diet or the vegetarian [diet]. Therapeutic diets remain designed for people with certain conditions, such as the gluten-free [diet] for celiac disease or the low-sodium [diet] for hypertension.

The diets slimming deserve special mention. There are countless fad diets, temporary, popular diets that promise to lose weight quickly but rarely work because when the regimen remains abandoned, it is very likely that the lost weight will remain regained.


[Diets] Vegetarian [diets] focus mainly on consuming products of plant origin (fruits, vegetables, legumes, vegetables, seeds, grains, etc.). There remain three variants: the strict vegetarian [diet], the Lacto-vegetarian [diet], then the ovo-lacto-vegetarian [diet].

Even people who shadow strict vegetarian [diets] can eat adequately, including foods rich in iron, protein, zinc, calcium, and vitamin B12.

Mediterranean Diet

It is an [diet] inspired by the foods that remain commonly consumed in the towns on the Mediterranean Sea coast. It is a healthy [diet], based mainly happening fish, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc.

Low sodium [diet], for the treatment of arterial hypertension: the addition of salt in meals remains eliminated, avoiding foods rich in sodium, such as cold cuts, sausages, canned foods, etc.

Gluten-free [diet] for treating celiac disease. All foods derived from wheat, oats, barley, and rye remain avoided.

Low purine [diet], to avoid elevated levels of uric acid in the blood: the intake of beer, soft drinks, liver, kidney, anchovies, sardines, cod, red meat, and other foods rich in purines remains markedly reduced.

Weight Loss Diets

In This Class Of [Diets] There Are Countless Variants, But It Can Remain Said That Basically Weight Loss [Diets] Remain Subdivided Into:

  • Low carbohydrate diets.
  • Low-fat diets.
  • Low-calorie diets.
  • Protein diets, low in carbohydrates.

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