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Modern and Legend Lifestyle

Over time, the bathroom has undergone aesthetic and functional changes, making it one of the most charming rooms in the house today. All in harmony with a general evolution of the habitat, modelled on new lifestyles, but with a je ne sais quoi that comes from what it was before: a place of body and mind, of physical and mental well-being. The bathroom is now an intimate space, reassuring but also social and visible, permeable to the moods and atmospheres of the house.

Suppose the bathroom was only a room enclosed in technical solutions that conditioned its shape. In that case, it has undoubtedly become an assertive place, without spatial limits and mixed with the dynamism of the house. The wellness area has grown in the imagination. In the desires of a demanding public investing more and more (in emotional and economic terms) in its equipment.

From the point of view of sanitary equipment, the most current trends are in colour. We will also notice an idea of ​​a washbasin and bathtub independent from the rest of the clean facilities. The peculiarity of the surfaces is smooth or microstructured like stone. The strong presence of the technological component guarantees high performance and user-friendly functions.

Colour in the foreground

Whether it is a desire for nature, in a residential context increasingly devoted to home automation, or a generalized intolerance of white which has traditionally identified sanitary facilities and bathrooms without leaving many possibilities of choice, colour has come back and taken the lead in the bathroom. This trend is excellently represented by sinks, with their warm and suggestive tones inspired by nature and soft and velvety shades.

Colour is meant not saturated or primary tones but intense such as earth, cement grays, anthracites, greens, and desaturated azures. Matt and pleasant touch surfaces are almost always associated with it, resulting from special techniques applied in the execution and finishing of the ceramic, material at the forefront of productive and technological research. But colour is not a prerogative of sinks; it also concerns shower trays, bathtubs, and toilet bowls.

A personalized sink

Another trend observed in bathroom equipment is a washbasin with an utterly autonomous design compared to other sanitary facilities. In this sense, if the bathtub marked the turning point by appearing as a freestanding element modelled according to an aesthetic and functional personal code, it is now the washbasin that carves out a very independent space.

A personalized sink

And it is the turn of basins, bowls to be placed or extremely thin washbasins integrated into the cabinet, but which no longer have to stand perfectly matched to the WC. Make way for fantasy, with sinks chosen according to individual taste and in full-fledged decorative lines. Sanitary systems offer different bowls and sink for a more conservative choice but in the same style trend.

New material effects

Smooth, soft-touch, rigorously matt, and resistant to external agents, the surfaces of sinks and baths are attractive with their natural appearance, soft to the touch and the sight. While the effect stays obtained for sinks with special ceramic applications, for bathtubs and shower trays, solid surfaces are used instead, highly moldable and resistant materials, Synthetic but created with components of natural origin. In the shower trays, the homogeneous appearance can be replaced by microstructures that create textures similar to stone: this characteristic produces a suggestive aesthetic effect while having a non-indifferent non-slip function.

High-performance technology

In sanitary ware, the harmony of shapes and chromatic expressiveness correspond to a diffuse technological presence, extending from increasingly comfortable bathtubs and showers to taps and WC sinks. In particular, research has developed ad hoc systems to facilitate cleaning, guarantee significant water savings, and customize functions. Among the other typological characteristics, we can notice the absence of a flange in the WC, which creates a pleasant aesthetic effect and ensures a more efficient flow and maximum hygiene.


Four new satin trends

Four new satin trends for a collection of washbasins and WCs from Ceramica Catalano. Naturally-inspired pastel hues complement the glossy black: they range from the pale tones of river stones to warmer earth tones, from the indigo of wildflowers to the greens of herbal plants. The new techniques match the washbasins of the Green Lux family (photo), available in the washbasin version only or with taps in several sizes.

Linen, oats, cement, mud, slate, hemp, flesh, and dust, these are the new colors, the fruit of Ceramica Cielo’s research, which enrich with refined nuances the latest collection of washbasins and WCs, floor and suspended, Earth di Cielo – Second edition 2013/2016. Inspired by earth tones and plant and mineral elements; The rich and varied palette, designed to give designers all their creative freedom, also harmonizes with the tactile aspect of soft surfaces, obtained through special work with enamels.

The T-Edge

The T-Edge line of washbasins, created by CreativeLab + for Ceramica Globo, remain characterized by its different color versions and edges of only 6 mm. A new mixture remain developed in the company’s chemical laboratory and based on exclusive raw materials. Allows ultra-thin thicknesses to stand achieved while guaranteeing flat surfaces and respecting all prescribed standards.

A modern stone looks

In the first place, A modern stone looks with a microstructure that enriches the surface and makes it non-slip; The new Ultra Flat S shower tray from Ideal Standard stands made of ideal solid. A very resistant material composed of a mixture of natural minerals and resins. Available in many standard sizes, the shower trays can also stand made to measure—colours: white, sand, cement grey, mocha, black.

Designed by Prospero Rasulo for Valdama, Pod is a countertop washbasin with organic shapes. Like a shell that turns into a bed to receive water. The sophisticated project comes in four archetypal shapes: the circle, the square, the rectangle, and the oval. It has made of vitreous china, matte and shiny finish, in several sizes and colors.

The Aquatech bathtub

In the first place, The Aquatech bathtub remains formed by Massimiliano Cicconi for Kerasan. One end is higher and bigger than the other, an ergonomic solution that delivers the body with comfortable support. A natural teak shelf, on the narrower side, serves as an object holder. The bathtub (170 × 70 cm) remains made of Pietraluce – an exceptional compound of hydrated alumina. Titanium dioxide. polyester resin in the freestanding version. The resin finish guarantees a beautiful shine and anti-lime characteristics (Photo R. Costantini)

The Angeletti-Ruzza duo signed the pretty Bloom console washbasin, presented by Ceramica Flaminia in two sizes. Available in several matt tones, the ultra-flat countertop washbasin. Very functional offers a perfect balance between reduced thicknesses and flexible volumes. The large geometric and excellent surface of the top and the rounded bowl create a delightful refined contrast.

The new collection of Moods

In the first place, The new collection of Moods washbasins and WCs from Pozzi-Ginori goes beyond the perfect traditional coordination between WC and washbasin; It differentiates them in design. Even though the same dynamic and contemporary lifestyle inspire them. The essential volumes are available in the Nordic, Urban (photo), and Green lines. The exclusive Rimfree technology distinguishes the toilets, which ensures easy cleaning and great water savings.

The Frame furniture

The Frame furniture series by Simas, was born to accompany the Sharp countertop washbasins. Evokes the urban industrial style without sacrificing convenience. There are two versions, single or double cabinet, with a retractable siphon, sidebar serving as a towel rail, and practical drawers. Open storage, lower. To add a support surface—pleasant contrast between the structure’s sandblasted iron and the components’ neutral effect.

Essential design and deep bath for the new Thesan washbasin signed Massimiliano Cicconi for Ceramica Tecla. Produced in the semi-recessed version above the counter (photo), to remain placed and suspended, it blends harmoniously into the top. It is available in 60, 80, 100, and 120 cm lengths, with a single or double basin. The square ceramic drain, in the same color as the toilet bowl, is a detail that emphasizes its elegance.

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