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9 Tricks Casinos Use to Keep You Spending Your Money

9 Tricks Casinos Use

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that a person who is otherwise a miser doesn’t hesitate to spend his money playing online casino games? People working hard day and night to earn money are willing to spend in one night only. You must have noticed that you make reasoned financial decisions for your expenses, plan and budget them but when it comes to gambling you don’t think that way. Why?

Well, it’s just because the casinos trick people into losing their money. They design and plan everything in such a way that it puts a psychological effect on the mind of the player and he is convinced to put his money into the game. The sound and light system, the physical design of the casino’s premises, carpets, ceilings are arranged to trick people. They create an illusion in our mind of frequent big wins to convince us that we might strike big if we keep on playing.

In this article, we have summarized the tricks casinos use to keep you spending your money, and that too without a second thought.

1. You Play With Chips Instead Of Real Money

While playing casino games we don’t play with the real money instead they give chips to bet with. So when you’re doubling down on the blackjack table or putting it all during a game, you’re actually playing with the real money. But the player doesn’t feel it that way just because the cash is changed into the colorful little discs which are representing actual currency now. Utilizing this trick the slot machines switched to paper tickets instead of coins and they claimed that they are saving money and making things easier.

2. Offer Round After Round of Free Alcohol

Casinos keep on serving alcohol nonstop. When a person is under the influence of alcohol, he loses the track of time and keeps on playing in excitement.

3. No Clock In Sight

You’ll never find a clock in a casino because they want you to lose track of time and keep playing. You have to look at your watch or phone to see the time.

4. The Maze-Like Layout Of The Floor

In order to confuse people, casinos design their floors in a maze-like layout. There are no straight paths leading towards the exit door or restrooms. The gaming sections are placed strategically such that it catches attention as players wander through the area, convincing them to stop and play.

5. Offer Free Room And Board

People who spend enough cash at casinos are offered complimentary meals and some may even offer a free stay at the nearby hotel. So you don’t have to worry about going home and you keep on playing more and more.

6. Restrict the View Of The Outside World

As you enter a casino and keep on playing, you can’t tell what hour of the day it has been. The interiors are lit the same way both day and night. The doors are also coated with window tint to prevent the outside daylight from coming inside. The colors they use are all bright; ceilings are painted to look exactly like the daytime sky.

7. Big Celebrations For The Rare Wins

The casinos make big celebrations whenever someone hits a rare big win on a slot machine. The bright lights flash with blaring sounds and cheers from all around. Seeing this, other players also want to be applauded so they are prompted to play more and more. What people forget is that someone else’s victory doesn’t increase their chances of winning.

8. The Bathrooms Are Placed Strategically

Locating bathrooms deep within the casino and not near the doors is another trick. People have to go deeper into the casino in order to use the bathroom and in between they pass through many opportunities where they can press their luck.

9. Loyalty Programs

Casinos offer rewards for playing games even if you lose them. The player has the feeling of earning points with every dollar he is playing, even if they lose the game. Say you might get a free meal if you have collected enough points. Remember that what you are getting as a reward is always less valuable than what you are spending.

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